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Two Reasons I hate 'The Weather Channel'

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  • Two Reasons I hate 'The Weather Channel'

    I have Dish Network which carries 'The Weather Channel' who was recently bought by . Since it's reorganization it has 'updated' it's interactive personalized weather service. I have noticed that the weather info provided for my very small area code has become way off target.
    Reason #1
    Today The Weather Channel was telling me that my weather was 42 degrees and partly sunny, in reality it was 31 degrees and snowing, that's an average deviation from reality for TWC. From local TV news broadcasts I know that there is no where within 200 miles that has weather warmer than 37 degrees so where is this corrupted data comming from?
    Reason #2
    I went to TWCs web site hoping to find the location of thier weather telemetric stations, no luck.
    What I did find out (under 'Who We Are') is that TWC has GONE GREEN! In a "Non-Partisian" effort TWC has joined with "Nobel Laurette" AL GORE to save the planet (I know, please try to hold your applause)!
    I now understand why thier "non-partisian" weather data is so corrupted.
    If anyone knows where they get thier raw data from please let me know.
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    LOL ,got it on satellite as well :( Think that is bad? The WX channel on a Wii is VERY much off, dunno WTF they get their data!

    I don't really watch it much unless their is a hurricane bearing down on some poor strip of sand. I get my data from the National Weather Service NOAA Radio aka Weather Radio. The forecast is just about as accurate as any :)

    I also have a small WX station @ the homestead that gives me the local conditions (wind speed, temp,humidity,rain, wind, wind direction, rain rate and tons of other data!!!). It also does a pretty basic forecast 12/24/48 hours ahead that is accurate enough.

    I also get the radar image downloaded to my cell phone, and have a cool program that animates these images (gifs). This helps when I am out spotting storms for the NWS (I am a certified Skywarn Observer) and am gauging if the storm is gonna hit my vicinity:eek:

    As a plug for Skywarn, you really ought to become a member as the training is FREE and very interesting! Anyway check them out @ BTW you don't need to be a ham operator to be a spotter!


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      I think their fine precision equipment is actually a Cockroach in a matchbox. The only interest they have is making money and accuracy in forecasts is not part of the equation. :D

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