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Wilderness Murders

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  • Wilderness Murders

    In my opinion bad things can happen in the wilderness. I was reading an article in Guns & Ammo about a few people that were murdered while hiking & camping. I am not trying to scare anyone or do I want anyone to be paranoid. My intent is to make people aware of what could possibly happen and explain why I think it is a good idea to be armed while enjoying our favorite activities. The article below is a couple of years old. I think it would be a good idea for other people to add stories to this thread as they find them.

    He has since bee captured in the below article.
    At Home in the Wilds, Accused Killer Eric Rudolph Stays One Step Ahead of the Feds

    To big game hunter Robert Hansen, Alaska was paradise. But for his victims, it was a terrifying wilderness where no one could hear their screams.

    Cary A. Stayner (born August 13, 1961) is an American serial killer currently on death row for the 1999 murders of four women in Mariposa County near Yosemite, California.
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    Cary Stayner interested me simply because his brother had a movie made about him, "I think my name is Steven".

    Steven was abducted at about 7 or so and kept by a pedophile scumbag for years. When the scumbag took another kid, Steven ran away with the kid and went to the police.

    Cary blamed all of Steven's attention for his turning into a murderer.

    Couldn't help but think that there was something seriously wrong with the Stayner family.
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      There are some real sick puppies out there.. few words, "S&W, never leave home with out it"! Better yet, know how, and dont be afraid to use it!!
      If the zombies chase us, Im tripping you!!!


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        I actually feel safer in the wilderness than in the city.


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          Originally posted by PT945 View Post
          I actually feel safer in the wilderness than in the city.
          I hear ya. I do too, absolutely! When I was younger, early, early 20's I had my first baby. My son and I used to go hiking all around with friends and alone. I didnt carry a firearm then. We'd stay gone from dawn til dusk.. man, I miss those days... a little too "hippie", crazy.... I was on the right path My Mom freaked out and informed me that our "favorite hiking trails" had lead to two dead male bodies. At the time, I was still "holier than thou", but agreed to not hike "alone", with my son... Like I said, there are some sickos out there.. Ill take the country any day.. then again.. think of.. Deliverance... Country great- River awesome- "Squeal like a Piggy", not so good..... Wilderness vs. City no comparison.. being responsible and thinking of all the pedders and sickos and weirdos, got to!! Its not the days of leaving the porch light on, and coming in at dark.. kids riding bikes miles away.. those days are long, long gone.. :(
          If the zombies chase us, Im tripping you!!!


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            I've always said the least of your worries in the woods should be bears, wolves and darkness.

            Your biggest worries should be other people and your own stupid mistakes!


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              aware of danger yes, paranoid no. Im more likely to be killed in a town or city than ten + miles into the back country. that said, Ive always carried a firearm while out in the woods, just in case.


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                good or bad you have to live

                after 17 yrs 8 months in the navy i have benn to a lot of foren ports where you are not allowed even a swiss army knife to protect yourself with and all citys have an element of danger to them from napeles italy where i just pulled out of to sydney austraila about 10 yrs ago the key thing is to keep a sharp situational awearness about you it works in the states and even in the woods i do however feel more at ease in the woods but that comes from growing up in the upper penisula of Michigan but in the woods i am alwayse armed expecially if i have my 3 little girls with me.