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Osam Bin Laden is dead

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    Godspeed to your Marine! Happy mothers day!


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      My husband is also a retired navy 26 years from E-1 to O-4, I have many family members fighting overseas..grandkids that want to follow the family traditions...I will always support our troops, I just can't always support our goverment...I had so many mixed emotions when this was annoucned...why it was announced and the way it was does not feel right and I am very afriad.


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        i say bring all young men and women home and let them protet our boarders.


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          Being a mom of anyone in the military is one of the hardest jobs. it has to be different than having your husband serve. My son went in the Air Force and was released right after bootcamp, because of some medical issues..and was not able to serve...but many I love have and I have seen what their mothers have been through.


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            We spend way too much money and blood protecting others! Then we get slapped in the face when we do something to get our house in order! DId we dipose of the body right, his daughter saw her father killed, his wife(a gift?) took a bullet. WHO THE HELL CARES! He took no concern about the people he killed! The more the better in his opinion. We took him out, not everybody around him, not 3500 people in his city, not his economic center, HIM.