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Thoughts and prayers for those in Alabama

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  • Thoughts and prayers for those in Alabama

    I've been watching some of the news footage. The magnitude of death and destruction is heartbreaking.
    I just read of a father that died protecting his 9 year old daughter. They were on a camping trip and a tree fell on their tent. He was trying to sheild her.

    Just one story of many I'm sure.
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    I hear the death toll is up to 266. Given the complete and utter devistations in some areas, I would guess that's a miracle! The loss is devistating and it looks like more will be coming for the south after a break in the weather for a couple of days.
    For any who are so inclined, I understand the Salvation Army (who lost one of their units) is open for donations and 100% of thedonations are supposedly going straight to the people in crisis.


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      any other suggestions as how to help?
      no money to spare but....willing and able.....las vegas....


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        Prayers for those folks indeed ....

        Things are seldom what they seem.


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          Prayers sent their way. Was only a few weeks ago the Mr. was in trainging in Alabama.. Doesnt take much to change someones whole world.. quite sad, maybe now the royal wedding is over, more people can pull their heads out of their butt, and actually do something positive to help, rather worry about wedding dresses and VIP lists.. I have only seen a few articles about the devistation, yet hundreds about this wedding.. Ill call the local Salvation Army to see if they are accepting donation, to ship.
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