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LDS Reports record crowds in the cannerys

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  • LDS Reports record crowds in the cannerys

    For most of my dry good storage I go with a friend to the local Mormon cannery.
    You just can't argue the value of Beans, Rice, flour, sugar, and milk in #10 cans.
    The couple that runs this particular cannery are saying that all of the LDS cannery's, country wide, are reporting a huge amount of commerce. They're biggest concern is that the lions share of recent canning is being done by non-Mormons.

    Take from this what you will, but for me it seems as though a greater number of our society is starting to see the writing on the wall. There are murmurs that the LDS cannery's may soon close it's doors to non-members as well.

    With fuel prices climbing already and the Suez Canal in jeopardy of falling into unfriendly hands, we could be looking at a fuel crisis that could seriously affect distribution of all goods, not only food.

    Be ready folks... It could happen at anytime now.
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    I also get my dry goods from an LDS canery, I would hate it if they shut this resource off from the broader community, but it is hopeful to see people preparing.
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      LDS cannery is now closed to non-members.

      Got this email from my friend who is a member of the Mormon church:::

      Here are the new guidelines from Salt Lake, Church Headquarters:
      • Non-members may use our facility when they are accompanied with a church-member.
      • Non-members may purchase from the HSC for personal canning purposes only. No large bulk orders.
      • Can and pouch sealers should not be loaned out to non-members.
      Since this came from SLC that means it applies to all canneries in the world (not just here).

      My guess is since the “world” is waking up to needing to provide for themselves in an emergency it is causing a strain on our system. Of course, our system has been in place since 1831ish
      The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.


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        got some info today about shopping at the cannery.if you don't know anyone in the church they may be able to get you an escort.gotta make a few phone calls though. first one would be to the cannery and ask how to get permission,they will give you a website.


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          I went late in December and am glad I did now.


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            North Texas area... so far, they have left the door open for non-church members to patronize the cannery. Two days a week only and limited hours at that... and I ain't complaining one bit. God bless them for keeping the candle lit a couple days a week. In all honesty, I'd have no problem with them charging a few bucks more to non-church members. Call it a trans-denominational tithe or some such. If it would help keep their trains and trucks delivering, more power to them.

            I even met a person there that said I'd be welcomed at their next canning session. I do buckets exclusively, but I believe I'll look into the canning side of things for more perishable, shorter storage items like milk and eggs (both of which, they were out of during my last visit :(.

            Sorry for the bump. I can't keep up with all the reading. Just too much to do.



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              bump it up brother i cant keep up either this is actually quite intresting goodluck
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