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North and South Korea at war?

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  • Long_Hunter
    This is not going anywhere... Yeonpyeong Island has been the scene of numerous incidents between the two Koreas as this area was one of the most hotly contested during the armistice negotiations. There have been very serious naval engagements here in the last 20 years that resluted in far more casulaties and damage. The other key point is that NK has not moved any of its forces into prepatory assault positions; please remeber, this is one country we watch very, very hard. They do not take a dump in NK without some analyst on this side of the pond watching it flush... They call it "Saber Rattling" and the two Koreas have become very good at it over the years. All this does is draw attention away from their nuke program...

    Remeber last March when the NK sunk the SK frigate? Did they go to war? Hell, PACOM did not even increase its alert posture and USFK posture remained unchanged.

    Looking for our next war... smart money is on East Africa.


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  • nakadnu
    started a topic North and South Korea at war?

    North and South Korea at war?

    Is this going to be our next war.

    This could get real bad, folks.