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Ammunition Accountability Act

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  • Visinedrops
    That's rediculous! Just visited the website and it caused me to almost vomit. How many times do you take your .45 out to the range and pop off a few rounds without the bother of picking up the casings?

    These casings are refillable. So are, I believe, 9mm shells. If you've misplaced one single little casing, some moron can use your shell in a crime, and you get the blame.

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  • Zombie Axe
    started a topic Ammunition Accountability Act

    Ammunition Accountability Act


    Basically a way to track your ammo purchases and register ammo:mad: In the PDF sample file, it even has a provision for banning non compliant ammo on 1-1-11. I could see this as what the left calls, "common sense gun laws" Whatever that is, and get a national movement to get this passed...:mad:

    "This is the change we need!":rolleyes::eek: