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The Documentary: "Grass!" (Netflix)

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  • The Documentary: "Grass!" (Netflix)

    Not a movie about doppers and Mary Jane!
    This is a silent movie from about 1920-30 by the guy that made "King Kong".
    The movie itself is a sort of docu-drama, filmed on location. Crossing by horse and camel from the Middle East across Iraq and Iran to somewhere near the Russian Steppes it is a true to life adventure film. The main story follows a large group of pre-industrial herders and thier live stock across 1000 miles of merciless terrain, glaciers and mountain rivers in search of grass. The movie shows how they cross icy rivers using inflated sheep skins. Cut tracks across glaciers (barefoot) to a 11,000 ft mountain pass, all without modern machines or welfare checks. A few scenes were "recreated" by the producer but most of the footage is very real, some of the scenes are awe inspireing.
    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.