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10 Christian Missionaries Slaughtered by Taliban

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  • 10 Christian Missionaries Slaughtered by Taliban

    Now, somebody explain it to me again... tell me how Islam is the religion of peace and tolerance? I'm still recovering from the last time I witnessed them sawing off an "infidel's" head on some Youtube video.

    Or maybe it was the DOUBLE-HONOR-KILLING right here in my back yard a few years ago. A 'Habib' gunned down his two teen daughters because they had boyfriends. Just learned about it on a TV special. Wow!!! the media did a great job burying that story. Authorities did the political-correctness jig as well. The dad (the shooter)... he's still at large years later. If I hit the neighbor's window with a pellet gun by accident, I'd be descended upon by two cop cars in 5 minutes. WTF!!!!!!

    And now you want us to let 'them' build a mosque in the shadows of ground zero. Oh, wait, and... what was that... they're going to name it Córdoba House (look that up folks... look at the historical significance of Córdoba as it relates to Islam). Makes, me, want, to, puke!!!

    Okay... where's this 'Imam' of the new mosque (or the muslim community for that matter) denouncing this useless slaughter. Where's the outcry. The decree of wrong doing. We're listening... Wake up folks. The muslim world is LAUGHING their collective asses off at our political correctness gone anal.

    I was having good Saturday too.
    Woke up in a great mood.

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    The story, including photos of those that were slaughtered by the "tolerant" religion of Islam.

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      I saw on the morning news that Obama is now in favor of the mosque being built citing the constitutional right of freedom of religion. Now, I thought that the constitution protected the American people's rights, when did we change it to also protect illegal alien's rights?
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        Aside from being completely insensitive to the affected families (and 99% of the country), this is fundamentally the wrong decision. I don't see gray area here on the mosque. Yes you can build it. At the site where those (who you won't condemn) murdered 2600+ Americans, no.

        The Imam was asked to build someplace else, out of respect for the families of the 911 victims. And he ignored this. Take that grain, and all the others that are coming to the surface about this 'leader,' and it doesn't take a brain surgeon to connect the dots on this.

        I feel like Lilly Tomlin in "All of Me."
        They, are, laughing, their, asses, off, at, us, while they slowly but surely dismantle our society.
        They're doing it. And the Obama's of the world are helping facilitate it. (BTW, I saw he back-tracked/double talked on the matter today)

        Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness.
        That should trump all this other political BS.