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U.N. threatens Second and First Amendments

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  • U.N. threatens Second and First Amendments

    This from The Washington Times:

    EDITORIAL: U.N. threatens Second and First Amendments
    One-worlders are going after your guns

    By THE WASHINGTON TIMES - The Washington Times
    6:05 p.m., Friday, July 23, 2010

    The United Nations is holding secret closed meetings to work out a global arms trade treaty. The agreement, which could be finished by 2012, is a threat to Americans' Second and First Amendment rights.

    "Some type of micro-stamping regulations seems all but inevitable. It is very, very likely," the Heritage Foundation's Theodore R. Bromund, who tracks the U.N., told The Washington Times. "Restrictions on trade between private individuals are somewhat less than 50-50, but you surely can't rule that out. Some kind of gun registration and licensing system is an extremely likely probability." Registration proposals cover guns as well as individual rounds of ammunition.

    The Obama administration strongly supports the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty and no doubt will use the process to push for gun-control regulations that it can't get through Congress otherwise.

    Full story here:
    The United Nations is holding secret closed meetings to work out a global arms trade treaty. The agreement, which could be finished by 2012, is a threat to Americans’ Second and First Amendment rights.
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    All the NWO Tin Foilers are being proved correct; I no longer even need to read the articles to see what is happening, all I have to do is listen to the White House Press conferances to know that the daily destruction of the US is underway. Cartels will soon take AZ hostage, there will be beheadings in AZ in a few weeks, those that fight back will be attacked by thier own 'goverment'. The UN will then arrive as a savior and begin the occupation/balkinization process. That has been one of the the plans all along.
    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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      The new release of Red Dawn will be out just on time!=)


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        I can cast my own projectiles, but I guess I will be reusing my non-stamped brass a little longer than expected.

        and I can't wait for Red Dawn, I really hope it is nearly as good as the first one.
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          Red Dawn Synopsis: lt's Friday night and the residents of Spokane are consumed with the thoughts of the local high school football game. The Wolverines just lost a nail biter and the team's quarterback Matt Eckert is trying to shake off the tough loss. Adding to Matt's worries is the sudden and unexpected return of his older brother Jed (played by Chris Hemsworth, STAR TREK). After their mom died, Jed left town with no warning and enlisted in the military. Now Jed is home unexpectedly after serving in Afghanistan and the brothers' relationship is strained at best. After some encouraging words from his dad and his girlfriend Erica, Matt heads home to sleep off his loss. The next morning Matt is startled awake as their whole house shakes violently. Running outside, Matt and Jed find the sky filled with parachutes and the streets lined with military vehicles. For the first time in history, the United States is being occupied by foreign armies. The invaders are calling themselves the "People's Liberation Army" and they easily outnumber the citizens of Spokane.

          Okay, the only reason I posted this with the bold accents is to say this: I'm 3 hours away from a town in Washington state called Spokane.
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            The Senate must ratify the treaty if the Obama administration decides to go down that road. There are nowehre near enough Senators to ratify that treaty. I personally do not believe that Obama will try to get the US added to that treaty because he cannot afford yet another failed agenda item.


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              No treaty can supercede our Constitution .... although the gov has been doing a pretty good job of disregarding it for the past 200 or so years.

              Things are seldom what they seem.


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                send the UN to FRANCE or somewhere that they like IT! it was good in the start now they want their noses in everyones bussiness keep them out of ours!!!!!!! send them packing