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Yet Another Conspiracy for you!!!

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  • Oscar Wilde
    Mark Levine had a caller stating he was aboard the rig when the accident occured .... Levine's staff confirmed the caller's claim. Caller said event occured as pressures exceeded structural limitations of the safety valves / well head ....


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  • tarheelsman71
    started a topic Yet Another Conspiracy for you!!!

    Yet Another Conspiracy for you!!!

    Why is it that we have not heard a peep from anyone that was on that Oil Rig that mysteriously blew up? When that plan landed in the Hudson in NY, it was front page news for weeks and no one was injured. How come no one has seen anyone on the Today show, Fox, CNN, etc., that was on the Oil Rig. When has this country ever been this silent about a tragedy that takes place. The miners in WV was all over the news for weeks and nothing about an Oil Rig where 11 died and there were 100+ evacuated. Just doesnt make too much sense to me. Can you say cover up? Seems that there are a lot of folks that would love to attack America in its heartland. Heck if someone said form a line over here if you want to punch the US in the face, the line would be LONG. Why is there no coverage on this? Old Rush Lim is asking the same type questions too. Why send the SWAT team down to investigate? Was there a hostage incident and they are needed to save the victims? what is the deal with that? Dont worry though, because OBummer wants to assist with making government more transparent.