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  • Iceland Volcanic Activity

    Air traffic shut down in Europe! That one got my attention. I read further, and came across some attention grabbing statements:

    - They don't know how long the volcano will continue spewing ash (days, weeks, etc.)
    - Air traffic is halted and possibly crops
    - Cattle are at risk (ash is tiny but razor sharp - if ingested, sort of like eating glass)
    - Thousands stranded in airports

    Not to rattle the can without cause, but this makes me think about an eruption here in the states. Not a catastrophic one, but a persistent one. Air space is shut down, crops and herds decimated, and one can figure out the domino effect from there.

    Now, I keep hearing about growing your food is better than storing it. Okay, I agree (mostly), but what happens if you've stored little because you grow a lot, and suddenly you can't grow any? And I doubt even a fraction of us are setup for hydroponics or non-solar energy production for the long term. Excuse the pun, but it's food for thought.

    Just putting it out there, as it's a current event, and it gave me great pause. Comments or curses are certainly welcome.


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    That is the bad thing about relying on growing your own food. Even if you have a huge garden you need food stores to make it through till harvest time. We need to be very adaptable and mentally prepared for any and all scenarios. Relying on one source of food will likely lead to starvation. No one can say what the future brings.