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Tracking devices

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  • Tracking devices

    Watching the news last night and they were talking about the long wait in Emergency rooms. So they came up with a great plan!! They have this badge that you clip on to yourself and attached to the badge is a chip... the chip send the workers in the ER how long you been there and what you are there for so they can track you and keep up with you during your period of time in the hospital. I can see the direction this is going.....

    Someone will have a bright idea to place chips in people and when you walk in the door to the hospital your information will be sent to a computer and it will register you with all your medical needs and health status and insurance coverage.
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    And all that RFID stuff works until someone walks in with one of these:

    Very easy to build:

    That's why I keep telling people that technological knowlege and tools are as important as a gun collection!


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      If you had any idea how "those" with intent to track you can track you, you'd drive yourself crazy thinking of ways and methods you'd have to use to get yourself back off the radar. Think of it this way, whenever there is an "Amber Alert" of a teen how are the authorities able to find the general location of where that child has gone missing? and how are the authorities able to place the whereabouts of their "person of interest" within the last known location of that missing person? How is a big fish in one of the Mexican cartels tracked down to a few square buildings within a densely packed Mexican slum? How is it a Hellfire missile can be launched from 15k above it's target and reduce a moving truck filled with foreign fighters in some obscure location in BFE Yemen? The UK and parts of Europe are set up as nets to capture data and match that data with known "bad guys" and then to watch them and where they go an who they go "there" with. It's too much almost to get your mind wandering about how you are being watched, the short answer is, you are being watched, some of us in the country are watched and cross referenced for a millisecond and your life is not disturbed a bit and you are none the wiser. Others, others are watched and they slowly make their way onto a deck of playing cards, like you could get in Iraq in the early years. If you are actively seeking to ramp up your version of resistance, whatever that may be, your actions WILL bring you unwanted attention.
      I have come to this site, I'm not sure perhaps a year ago (+)(-) a few months, I use it to occasionally post, very seldom, but I also use it to see how people that are "forward leaning in the foxhole" both militarily trained and others view the need to be prepared for any kind of catastrophic event(s) that will change the "game" forever.
      I am going to approach you all with the utmost of humility and respect and suggest we know both high tech and low tech will be used to track the "enemies of the state", that is a given. With 300 million Americans going about their lives, it is statistically impossible to track and round up small fish like me in the event of a change in our democratic system. You will see politicians, lawyers, professors and those likely to amass large scale opposition "rolled up" or disappear long before the average Joe or Jane Doe.
      I feel that if we live our lives aggressively preparing for a conflict it will become manifest destiny, you will come up on the radar and someone WILL come knocking on your front and back doors with breaching charges followed by "8 bangers" and 20 or so well trained redbull drinking Muldoon's looking for a fight. I'm not trying to take anyone off their course of what they see as their "path", what I'm saying is that having the right tools to survive may depend on what you have in your head rather than what is in your go bag. Think of the days of the OSS, Det 101 and the Jedburgs. Best of luck on your paths and take no offense to my ramblings.
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        Now I can't sleep at night. Anyone got any tinfoil?


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          Sorry Naka,

          Just keeping it real. I know these things because I know them, not from hearing and pulling information from open sources, but, well you know...from being on the business end of it. Not to worry, I've never been on the business end of things in the U.S. I can tell you that the same technology that was used and usually ended up with a few guys either with holes in them and their AK's leaning up against the wall next to where they slept, or they were zipped with flex cuff's and blindfolded as they yammered away in a language I did not understand, while steadily peeing in crapping on themselves...a couple of "8-bangers" thrown into the house tend to do that to even a hard person.
          When I witnessed this stuff in action, I began to notice how quickly and efficiently the police in the U.S. were able to "roll up" persons of interest in kidnappings of children and "suspected" terrorists. The advice I give to all, quite simple, don't put yourself into any category that will make you a "person of interest". Posting on this site may seem relatively benign however some of the talk will place some on the "radar". When they have you, they have you and for the most part, those that get the "Knock" on the door know too, they've been gotten. Authorities will not spend the operational effort to "action a target" unless, in the case of the American jusdicial system, the prosecuting authority feel that they have a "slam dunk" case against you. There are far too many implications that can and will make their job harder and place their people more at risk if they simply start knocking down doors on "fishing expeditions".
          If you train to survive during times of crisis, prepare to keep you and yours safe and secure, you and so many others should remain fine and under the perverbial radar. Those that choose to get into full "kit", build small mock villages, train on the use of certain devices and hold meetings "of the minds" should expect company at some time or another. I am worried just as you and so many others, I only want our system to work the way it was founded on, and I can only prepare to keep, feed and safeguard the ones that I love.
          If you lose sleep, write what troubles you down on a pad of paper and go back to sleep, that pad will serve as your challenges list and you can mitigate those challenges through a calculated training and education process.

          Stay well and tin foil doesn't work, I can still read your thoughts...;)