For most of my life I was politicaly illiterate. I got my 'facts' from the broadcast and lame street media. Then I discovered CSPAN, especialy thier week end program Book TV where authors discussed thier non-fiction work in depth. Many of these books and authors are never mentioned on other programing. I found the following books, which I've read over a period of years explain alot of what is happening today.
#1 "Red Star Over Hollywood"- describes how Hollywood was infiltrated by the commies starting in the 1920's
#2 " Black Listed By History" Remember Sen Joe McCarthy, the man Demonized by Hollywood as a power mad bufoon chasing imaginary commies? This is the REAL story, backed-up by the Soviet Vernona Code messages to it's agents in the US. BTW Sean Penn's father was an active Soviet agent.
#3 "Hollywood Nation" More info on how Hollywood narcicists corrupts our nation.
#4 "The 5000 Year Leap" Finially a book that explains the unique place america has in the world, and history as a becon of liberty, now threatened, the lives and thoughts of the Founding Fathers who created our Founding Documents and why they did so.