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Movie: The Wind That Shakes the Barley

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  • Movie: The Wind That Shakes the Barley

    This is an excelent historical drama, great acting and production values. The gist of the movie is a fictional account of the Anglo-Irish War in the 1920's focusing on 2 brothers that are the metaphor for the war of independance that latter turned into the civil war that still exists today. I learned alot about how some of the Irish came to see a Socialist Republic as thier salvation and why they and others would not settle for becoming part of the British 'Dominion' after haveing kicked the Brits out of Ireland after hundereds of years of brutal subugation. Think of it as an alternate history of America if the colonials had not defeated them in 1776 war and again in the war of 1812.
    Of even more importance is how England, though defeated in battle, was able, through promises and subtle threats, to turn the Irish against themselves and in effect allow the Irish to destroy each-other for over the 90 years that followed.
    This film and it's director was loudly condemed by the British who are still in denial over the Empire's brutal oppression of it's 'subjects' that lasted for hundred's of years and spawned many communist inspired revoloutions as a result.
    there is some interesting military action as well as alot of splendid Irish landscapes of the terrain but the drama and politics were equaly rewarding for me.
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    Cool. It's in my Netflix queue but I haven't watched it yet, I'll watch it tonight.
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      One of the books the movie is based on "Guerillia days In Ireland" by Tom Barry is a great account of his military operations in County Cork, the military center of the revolt. It was used for decades as primer on grassroots rebelion and goes some ways to futher explain the rift between the socialists and non-socialists in the IRA.
      The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.