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ALERT: Gerber Gator RECALL

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  • cwconnertx
    You mean to tell me that if you place your hand on the blade it could cut you?

    I refuse to believe it... it just doesn't seem possible, next thing your gonna try and tell me if you put
    your hand on your lit campstove you could get burned....

    Seriously I did see the best warning label ever on the back of a Yamaha jet ski.
    "Do not place body orifices (rectum or vagina) near jet nozzle. Serious death or injury may result"
    I am not kidding, they actually listed rectum and vagina on the label. You know they wouldn't
    do it if someone hadn't already tried it.

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  • Diesel
    if you think about it, you gotta wonder how the heck the missed that possibility during development LOL! Scary

    Was thinking you could fashion some sort of small plate/hand guard at the base

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  • Long_Hunter
    Thanks for the post Diesel. I own one of the JR models, but have had no problems... Must be the firm grip I keep on the handle :D.


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  • Diesel
    started a topic ALERT: Gerber Gator RECALL

    ALERT: Gerber Gator RECALL

    By BILL NOVAK | The Capital Times | [email protected] | Posted: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 6:45 am | (2) Comments

    Madison-based Fiskars Brands Inc. is recalling more than 150,000 machetes because the double-edged cutting tool has caused hand lacerations.

    About 149,000 Gerber Gator and 6,000 Gator Jr. machetes are included in the recall, according to a release from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    Gerber Legendary Blades, based in Portland, Ore., is a division of Fiskars.

    According to the release, the machete has a saw edge on one side and a knife edge on the other side, and users have reported injuries when the saw edge sticks in wood, causing the user's hand to slide forward onto the knife edge.

    Gerber received five reports of users lacerating their hands, all of which resulted in stitches for the injured person, the release said.

    The company redesigned the handle to include an extended hand guard, so those products with the redesign are not included in the recall.

    The machetes were sold at retail stores nationwide and online from March 2007 to February 2010.

    Gerber is replacing the recalled machetes with new ones at no charge.

    For more information, contact Gerber, 877-314-9130, from 9-5 Pacific time (11-7 Central time) Monday through Friday, or go online here.