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Movie: The Hurt Locker

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  • Movie: The Hurt Locker

    I rented this DVD. It has a commentary track and a Interview audio track that was recorded in England. Usually one can find out more about a writer's, director's political agenda by listening to those audio tracks and I was expecting the usual anti-american drivel. Big suprise, there was none! In fact those tracks very nearly came off as being pro-US military, an impossibality I know,, but perhaps that is why The Hurt Locker could get no Hollywood funding.
    The closest I ever got to an EOD squad was applying for the school when I was stationed at APG. I had to don a full hazmat suit and run around the EOD HQ untill I was told to stop, it darn near killed me. Unfortunately I received Movement Orders that same week so my request was canned, as a result my knowladge base is rather slim.
    Technaclly the movie is mostly superb and the story takes place in 2005. The M-4s have Barska optics. Two of the Bomb Techs wear hard stripes but this is explained when it becomes known they were in the Infantry prior to enrolling in EOD school. Small points. At one point in the movie these same two men are using a Barret 50 with skill during a sniper ambush. EOD units are trained on the Barret 50. The whole ambush is a bit contrived as these 3 guys are in the desert all alone, no area security and no air cover. The sniper dual, as recorded on film, takes place at an actual distance of 1 mile, which must be a movie first. The tango has what appears to be an SVD and though he kills 3 Operators with single shots, from the close-ups on him it is obvious he knows nothing about marksmanship. As an interesting aside, it is refreshing to see 3 big name movie stars die with-in 10 minutes of appearing on screen! In the finial analysis this is a story about 3 distinct soldiers doing extremely dangerous work while surrounded by potential enemies the emotion that generates and how they deal with it. The closing scene, a homage lifted directly from "The Right Stuff", is shockingly heroic, but then this is not a Hollywood production.
    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.

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    I'm really not trying to be a dick when I say this, but that was the worst, unreallistic goddamned war movie I've ever seen in my life. The very concept of EOD working independently as a 4-man team out of 1 HMMWV is in itself ridiculous. Those guys don't go anywhere without @ least a 4 HMMWV convoy filled with INFANTRY. Though I'm sure it takes courage to difuse IEDs, they are not combat badassess, they are bomb geeks. That whole scene with them manning a Barrett & taking out snipers? WTF? You gotta be kidding me. I was in Afghanistan for 15 months. You know how many times EOD came out to help us? Maybe twice. And I couldn't even tell you how many IEDs we had to deal with on our own, with no training, and no bomb suits. And do you know why they didn't come out to help us? They said our AO was too dangerous. It's amazing to me, that when you get downrange, EOD can refuse to come out, resupply birds can say it's to dangerous, Route Clearance Patrols, even air support can refuse to do something they deem too dangerous. But when the infantry gets told to do something, it gets done. ESPECIALLY if it's dangerous. EOD are a buncha ***got wanna be's. But I guess that doesn't make for a very good movie.


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      Sorry, man, I really didn't mean to be so harsh. EOD just put us in dozens of bad situations in Afghanistan. But so did a lotta other elements. EOD in Iraq might be a whole different animal. But I do guarantee you you never see just 4 guys (regardless of MOS) rolling around by themselves, or EOD manning Barretts, or going into town all by their lonesome after some kid, etc., etc, etc. That movie just put a really bad taste in my mouth.