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Riots or Bankruptcy .............but it is coming

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  • Riots or Bankruptcy .............but it is coming

    On March 4th, there is supposed to be a coordinated protest, on a National level, of all the spending cuts many states are making, to balance the budgets.

    The same group that is organizing this, recently organized a Berkeley protest that turned violent. CA has already said they will have extra riot police, ready to roll, for these protests.

    CA was downgraded by the S&P to A-. This is the same grade given to most third world countries. The only way CA will avert insolvency is to issue more bonds and CUT CUT CUT spending. With the downgrade to A-, issuing more bonds will not be enough. Significant cuts will have to be made, and they will most likely lead to riots. The only thing that will prevent this, IMHO, is a bailout from the Federal level.

    If two ballot initiatives do not pass, CA will have to cut $15 billion from the budget.

    I have already spoken to my group, and we are heading to the BOL tomorrow. While I don't think anything that significant will happen, I have no intention of being stuck in this shit hole state if it gets bad and they close roads. Our group, all agreed up front, that we will pull the trigger and bug out, well before most even consider it. Most likely, we will enjoy a week vacation with people we like and don't get to see hardly enough, then head back to work.

    Again, I do not predict major civil unrest, but all it takes is a spark.

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    [Again, I do not predict major civil unrest, but all it takes is a spark.]

    Aw go on ahead .... you'll be alright unless you throw in a narrow time frame.

    Things are seldom what they seem.


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      Not exactly a big deal, but they did the protests today and some did get out of hand. It seems the only protests that actually got big enough to report were the students.

      I always just go back to the LA riots. They spread to Tampa/St Pete, Chicago & Detroit on the same day. In St Pete, it pretty much shut closed the downtown district and you simply could not go through it or get out of it, without rocks, bottles and some bullets coming at you.