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"Survivors" TV show on BBC America

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  • "Survivors" TV show on BBC America

    Just caught a two hour show called "Survivors" on BBC America. Airs on Saturday nights at 8c/9e.

    The short of it:
    Flu epidemic sweeps the globe with a 99% mortality rate. The story shows the run up, the die off, and this episode ends with a few (diverse) survivors meeting up and deciding what to do.

    Interesting to see how the survivors deal with emotions, situations, and the reality of it.

    For what it's worth... I think it's worth a watch.

    Also, see the book (or audio book - iTunes) "Earth Abides" by George R. Stewart. Unrelated, but a parallel story line. The audio book (14 hours of it!!!) is only six clams on iTunes. Interesting and worth the dollars. I believe it's a REALLY old book.

    That's all folks.

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    Hey Recent awoken
    Great looking dog!
    I watched a show a month back.. can't remember what channel - it was about a flu epidemic - the scenario went out about 26 years. It was good - I was able to put a check on some things I've done to be ready - and then add a few "to do's" to my list.
    Making note of "Earth Abides". Finished Alas Babylon this last year .. it was "OK" - anything written on survival is worth reading!


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      Earth abides is about 50 years old as is Alas babylon
      Survivors is a remake of a 1970's BBC series by Terry Nation that follows the standard PAW pretext. This new version is updated with a very low budget and the BBC's "New" Minorities Code
      Spoiler Alert!
      The hereo of this series is a Verticly Challanged, Transgendered Lesbian, Special Needs, Non- Documented, Person of Color
      The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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        Thanks for the response. Earth Abides... I'm not done with it yet. But the first 1/4 of it is interesting. Not great, just interesting. For 6-7$ for 14 hours of insight, it's worth it. As I mentioned and 'kenno' clarified, it's an old book. Which is perfect... author didn't have all the distractions we do today. They actually put insight and brainpower into their writing back then :)

        Dog... yes, "J" is great! Tours the house every night before bed, then parks herself at the front door. NOTHIN' is sneaking up here at night :)


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          Hey R_A,
          I just ordered the book - soft copy from Amazon.... I like to listen to books - but .. I'm cheap...I listen from netlibrary for free... look forward to reading the book, thanks!
          And.. thank You Kenno.. now..... I know I'll have the hero in my head as a: Verticly Challanged, Transgendered Lesbian, Special Needs, Non- Documented, Person of Color ... I've already colored them .. blue.. a pandora world blue.
          "J" sounds great. He could teach my Charlie a few things... sleeps under the covers .. only gets up to bark at rabbits and cats screaming in the night.