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Homo-Perfectus; Not with a wimper but a,,,

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  • Homo-Perfectus; Not with a wimper but a,,,

    Did you see the movie Watchmen? Do you remember how it ends?
    For nearly 2 years I have been trying to pin down Barry Obama's personality and the world view that drives him. I won't pretend to be an all knowing shrink but here are my thoughts and conclusions.
    Barry's childhood was difficult, his mother had a problematic life that was never stable. His father abandoned him as did his mother leaving her parents to raise him. It is eveident from his autobiography that he developed a great hatred and detachment for all of his family, even extended family. His grandmother encouraged him to work as a youth, he deemed her a racist in print and in public speeches. His african relatives are left to live in poverty while he enjoys a million dollar home. Like Taliban Johnny who fled his Homo-sexual father Barry attempted to find a new family in the Muslim religion of his step father taking the name of Barrack, apparently he was not accepted and returned to his grand-parents, who, being the 'racists' that they were, did not fufill his desires either. In college however the hate filled misfit with the Muslim name found a new home, according to his autobiography he joined-up with Black Marxists, white Marxists, lesbian Marxists and anyone else that was totaly against The System. In these years he learned about the book 'Rules For Radicals' a game plan by Saul Alinsky to destroy america. With interests like these it was a sure thing that he would become an expert on the US Constitiuton teaching his students all about Saul Alinsky in his classes on the US Constitution. A new man had been born, thanks to Saul Barrack had shed his inhibitions he saw a path that would create a new world, a world of change, his kind of change, his kind of world. It was no wonder that Barry/Barrack Obamma setteled in the most corrupt city in IL. Barrack parlayed his radical connections, joined the most radical balck Marxist church in the nation and got elected by being the most radical radical in a city of radicals.
    It was all a ploy. Once Obamma had a small chair at the table of local politics he made more contacts among radicals at the national level. Obamma was not a Marxist Radical he was now a Progressive Radical and rode that train straight into the Whitehouse.
    It was all a ploy. Obama is not a Progressive, not a Marxist, not a Black Marxist, not a Muslim, not a Christian. Obama has evolved beyond that and merely played those fools till he was in the big chair at the big table in the big house. In less than 20 years Obamma has gone from outcast to millionaire president.
    So who is Obama now?
    We know that he uses these words to describe himself: Post-racial, Post-modern. One might also add; Post-Marxists, Post-Progressive, Post-Capitalist, Post-Nationalist, Post-Religious, Post-American, Obama is now beyond those silly labels.
    Obama is beyond all titles he is The New Man that the progressives and marxists have dreamed of. He is Homo-Perfectus, the perfect man, above and beyond homo sapiens in all ways, able to steer history and humanity to a perfect Utopia.
    Why should such a brilliant young man, who now commands the power of the greatest nation on earth, be restrained from sharing himself with the entire planet?
    Did you see the movie Watchmen? Do you remember how it ends?
    The most briliant mind on the planet decides to lead humanity to Utopia. First, he becomes extremely wealthy, next he dupes the world's greatest scientist into giving him unlimited power. Then he destroys 40 million people and blames the scientist. All the other superhereos agree to keep thier mouths shut except for one who values the truth above all else, he is executed. All for the good of mankind.
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    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.