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Gov. Wants to seize our retirement funds

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  • Gov. Wants to seize our retirement funds

    I have been hearing this for a while now and it is really scary. The government wants to seize our 401k's, IRA's and any other retirement funds we may have to help pay down the debt. If this ever happens we can kiss any savings we have good-bye because they will never be able to pay us back. Check out On his home page today he has written an article on this subject.

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    Ya know... it's an interesting notion, Social Security included... now, clearly, it is OUR money. kept by the gov't to help eliminate the burden of the elderly, because they weren't "smart" enough* to set it aside on their own during the working years. 401k and the others are made up of OUR money, too... I do not see where they can actually pull this off, Americans are NOT happy with the status quo, not happy with deficit spending, not happy in a volatile global environment. The people have spoken concerning health care, fat gov't, pork spending. I can envision higher taxes, but seizing OUR funds... don't think the good citizens would stand by and watch. That being said, I have minimized my 401k contributions, just in case... :(

    *for those who missed it, I was being sarcastic about the elderly... most seasoned citizens I know were smart enough to save money themselves, aside from SS contributions, realizing that the rubber band might break (has something to do with that depression thingy back in the 30's)... thank God for them, If you want to know the right way to live, turn off your TV and call to your grandparents!
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      This is nothing new and entirely expected from a Progressive Govt.
      Wilson was our 1st Proggy Prezzy, we got WW1 and a Tempory, voulentary, Icome tax from him
      FDR was our #2 Prog, we got WW2 and Social Security
      LBJ,,"The Great Society" Entitlements.
      Then more and more Social Programs to steal our money and now this.
      Progressives are One World Tyrants; first they impoverish and disarm, then they enslave, because they love us so much.
      The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.