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SHTF in Hati

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    What is really sad is that the money "aid" will never get to who needs it. I had a discussion with a guy that is from Hati and his parents still live there. They were both OK but their home was leveled. He was telling me that when he heard on the news that Obama said he would send 1 billion (or whatever it was), he started crying because he knows that it will never make it there. There was also a lady there in the conversation that did some missionary work in Hati and she said that when she would get care packages from home the were confiscated and the guards would try to sell them back to her. I know crap like that goes on everywhere but its just an example of how corrupt this area is.

    Anything we send over there will never make it to the people who need it. Screw governmental humanitarian aid. If you really want to help, give funds to a specific organization that has boots on the ground. NOT THE GOVERNMENT!


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