Only months after Major Malik Husien murdered 14 americans at Ft Hood Tx. Abdual Mudallah, a man with known Al Queda ties but not listed on Obamma's no fly list, because Janet Napalitano was waiting for "Further Verification", was able to fly from africa to europe to the USA with explosives and not even a cursory inspection.
When over Detroit Abdual attempted to ignite an explosive device which injured several people while he sustained 3rd degree burns. Obamma is now calling the device "firecrackers".
If these were firecrackers then this was proof of an undisclosed threat against America, a blackmail attempt with the assurance of a much larger attack unless Obamma bows down to Al Queda demands.
The Brass ring for Al Queda is Pakistan and it's Nukes. Barrack Husien need not make any public display of surrender as he has done before the King of Saudi Arabia or Japan or Hugo Chavez. All Barrack needs do is cripple the funding for our troops, pull-out the Predators and the Spec-Op Teams, Al Queda will take Pakistan and it's Nukes, Iran will have nukes of it's own by then, europe, Canada and South America will fall to the Muslim extremists.