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FEMA empty prison camps

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  • FEMA empty prison camps

    Apparently a few years ago many prison camps throught the US were built by FEMA. The interesting thing is that all of these camps are empty. Ive done a little research on this and have found several hundred thousand disposible coffins being stockpiled, giant furnaces connected to warehouses in the camps, a lot of wierd things like this. A lot of what ive found, mostly videos, seem unrealistic or over overdramatized, making me skeptical

    Here is a video of Glen Beck covering this topic. You will notice that while hes talking about it, the other people try to get him off topic. Suposedly the in depth show covering the topic was suposed to come on later but instead it turned out to be a "conspiracy debunking" show. You will even here him say "there making me say this, help"

    Here is a video taken from one of the camps parking lots

    Here is a video of the disposible coffins

    Another vido of the coffins

    There is also alot if informatoin that debunks much of this but not all of it. Im not sold on it but will continue to look into it. I hope you can find some more information to either support this evidence or debunk it.

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    Some more supportive evidence, a list of camps and their locations vous livre gratuitement le meilleur de l'actualité nationale, même si les nouvelles ne sont pas toujours bonnes actuellement...

    Good debunking evidence


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      i have found the one in north west sc if you take 26 to exit 54 trn left go to stop light go about 15 20 miles you will see a sign for laruens trn right michelin is on the left and 15 20 ft high fence on left with constine wire and towers no movement seen whats so ever but i saw bunkers tracks in no roads out warehouses and regular houses kinda cool kinda weird
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        Well there is a link somewhere in my favorites showing aerial views of these camps. Most of them when shown on youtube or in pictures seem to show only a couple. Then oddly enough the link I have shows North Korean camps and they are IDENTICAL to these supposed FEMA camps. Size, numbers of buildings, roads in and out, etc. Therefore it is entirely plausible that these camps are not really nationwide as proposed by some. Instead there might bea few of these alleged camps around our country. Then the ones that are "real" likes the empty "camps" I have seen when hunting in NW Maine are more than likely just camps that were used for other things and are no longer in use.


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          I Have been looking into this for a while as well, And I really feel that there are nefarious purposes behind them. Altho I can not say exactly when or why these camps are here or why tey will be used they "are" there for the purpose of detaining humans therefor taking freedom away from man. whatever there exuse it to put people in them i do not agree with it.


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            Reading this it reminds me of something else I read once. It was about other places with fences that have the strands of barb wire around the top. The barb wire is on swivel bars and and leaned out to help people out but..... can be turned in to keep people in the fence also... I have noticed rail road stations and factories that are built like this.. Kinda reminds you of a hitler camp huh!!
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              a VERY INTERESTING SUBJECT! without any doubt in my mind I truly believe these camps exist, social unrest during a difficult time is deffinite, the government is all about control and what better way to control people than to offer them shelter during hard times, only to end up in a prison camp where you will be labeled as a green or a being spared, red being exterminated...this I can not say with any fact, but I have seen some videos depidting this at one of the camps, the main thing here is that authorities know more than we do, and they are preparing for it.
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