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finger print for ammo

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  • finger print for ammo

    I just heard on Foxnews that the Goobernator signed a bill for California that requires everyone to get electronically finger printed when you buy ammo. This is not suppose to come into law untill sometime in 2011. What bill was this? I heard something with the number 92 in it. If this is so, criminals will just go accross the neighboring state borders and buy (or steal) what ammo they need. If this does not get over turned all states will have to comply because it will become a federal mandate. just my opinion. What has anyone else heard?

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    Nothin' that can't be fixed with a bit o' superglue on the balls of one's fingers......definitely a fascist move on the guvanatuh's part.....waddya expect from the communist republic of Kalifornia?
    "I Have Sworn Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." -Thomas Jefferson

    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." -Frederic Bastiat


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      Well with a state as wealthy as CA they should have no problem handleing the traffic generated by a large number of people buying one bx of 22LR every weekend. Of course there will be a processing fee which will no doubt be quickely elevated by anti-gun groups as a 'sin tax', a handy way to pay off the state's multi-billion dollar sink-hole of a deficet.
      No doubt those caught smuggleing in un-(double)taxed ammo will see the inside of a county jail for several months while the real baddies just smuggle in ammo along with thier real AK-47's explosives and RPGs from mexico as always.
      This IS a test.
      Obamma is poised to do this NOW, he'll call it a VAT or something else (health related, like tobacco tax). Obamma is going to use FT Hood and the Seattle cop shooting as a springboard!
      Buy ammo now!
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      The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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        This is not good news for our west coast brothers. Its a good time to get into reloading


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          AB962 is what you are thinking of. It was signed almost two month ago. It has many requirements and one is that all handgun ammunition buyers must be fingerprinted. It does not have to be electronic, ink on paper is fine and it is only for handgun ammunition. It also bans all Internet / mail order ammunition sales in the state. And before you ask, no, it does not specify anything about ammo that is both handgun and long gun calibers. The day after it was signed, both the NRA and Cal Guns filed law suits to get it repealed, and the goal is to get it done before it kicks in, but that in not likely.

          The law does not ban bringing ammo into the state. It also does not ban shipping ammo to family in the state. Just no mail order / internet sale of ammo.

          Reloading will not help. The law includes bullets as well. I think it also includes primers and powder, but not brass.

          The law is identical to one repealed in the 80's as it was not effective. Oh well. It is not as bad as it could have been. The original version also limited all purchases to a maximum of 50 rounds per month and no transfer amongst family. This is one of the reasons I have property out of state to store and have stuff shipped too.


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            what if you only have nubs
            the pack that plays together stays together


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              The first step.

              Look how quietly they did that too. This is just the first step. This kind of attack lets them all say "we're pro second ammendment", while making it almost impossible to get ammo. This will only continue with much MUCH higher taxes on ammo as well as the fingerprinting and other hoops to jump through.


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                It was not quiet at all, here in CA. Like I said, the original version had much more restrictive parts to it, that had to be dropped to get it passed. No new fee or tax is included in the bill. The fingerprint is only kept by the dealer, it does not have to be sent to the state, but can be looked at by the state on request. Basically, it is just keeping another bound book, for ammo sales.

                It is a lousy law that will not do anything to fight crime. They realize they can not take our guns, so they will take our ammo instead. On the up side, there is not much chance of the law sticking. Many of the advocacy groups think it will be fairly easy to get repealed. Unfortunately, the dealers did not fight it a lot, because they like the idea of no internet sales. The internet sales are killing local dealers, since in much of CA, dealer inventory sucks.

                Another big drawback of the law is that most big box stores will stop selling ammo in CA. Walmart and K-Mart are both going to stop selling ammo, because they do not want to deal with all the new rules that come with AB962.


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                  I hope you are right and it does get rejected. I see this as a way of making it more difficult to be a dealer. Force the dealer to quit selling ammo and all that is left is internet sales (which they are trying to control with taxes anyway). I am glad that it did not include an increase in tax money. It will however make ammo go up due to the dealer needing to buy supplies for doing and storing the finger prints. Plus it will increase your wait time at the counter.