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TN Sends Letter to 49 States to Repeal Federal Infringements

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  • TN Sends Letter to 49 States to Repeal Federal Infringements

    I found this on another site, it seemed interesting..


    NASHVILLE -- Letters will be mailed soon from the Tennessee legislature to all 49 other state legislatures declaring the federal government is abusing its constitutional authority.

    The letter invites state legislators from across the nation to work together in examining how to repeal federal "infringements" on the authority of states.

    Acting under the direction of a resolution adopted by the full Tennessee General Assembly in May, the special House-Senate Conference and Correspondence Committee on Tuesday unanimously signed off on the letters calling for fellow state legislators across the country to examine what it calls a federal "usurpation of state sovereignty" and to develop a plan for how to rein in the central government.

    "The ultimate goal of this effort is hopefully to turn back the tide here. We're heading headlong into nationalism," said Rep. Susan Lynn, R-Mt. Juliet, chairman of the committee.

    "That is not how the nation was set up. We are a collection of united states. The state governments make the laws and the national government has approximately 30 enumerated powers to carry out. Unfortunately, they have been doing a lot of our work."

    more at the link above

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    Guys this is a significant article, it describes the first state that is begining the process of questioning the authority of the Fed Gov't. The question is what will happen next. Other states may join in. In which case the strength of numbers can apply or we might see the muscle flex from the powers that be to reign them in. Let's all keep an eye on Tennessee and see if other states rally to there cause.


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      thanks for this Centurion! I'm going to send this to my local 912 group. We'll be watching Tennesse closely.
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        We need do only one thing to end the usurpation of authority by the federal government.

        End the income tax. Go back to the requirement that taxes can only be apportioned among the states. Once the federal income tax ended, states could enact their own taxes and then have control of the money. He who has the money has the power. This is why the founding fathers never allowed for an income tax and it took a constitutional ammendment to enact one. All we need to do is pass another one to repeal it and we go a long way to restoring state soverienty.
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          Although it is true that money is power, and those in need of money are put under control of another, people still use money.

          Once we, as a nation, stop utilizing the money granted to us through government control and litigation, it is then that we can begin to retake control over ourselves once again.
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