Two recently produced documentarys that examine the traditional Mongol lifestyle are available on DVD.
"The Weeping Camel" studies a four generational family unit who live in two Gers (wool felt Yurts) in the Gobi Desert raising flocks of goats and Bactrain camels. The family lives completely off-the-grid, thier lives revoulve around thier herds. Thier water comes from camel powered well pumps, the highest-tech item in thier lives. Thier food is primarily derived from milk. Plaiting camel hair into a flat braided rope is briefly shown as is a wine bottle/tin can lantern and a purpose-built wood stove. Mongol clothing is quite pragmatic in it's design from the felt lined leather boots to the long skirted over garment with extra long sleeves. The garment is a form ov over coat that protects the legs as well as the hands from the cold siberian wind. The Ger is shown in some detail, these Gers are permanent as they are sited on the wells and so are well appointed and seem quite comfortable.
The second movie; "Cave of the Yellow Dog" features a different family who raise sheep, horses and Yaks. The location is the stunningly beutiful Mongolian Highlands (Steepes). A crude wind generator is shown made from an auto generator and hand carved propelor blades. Two yurts are broken down and transported in 5 yak drawn carts.
Both films are quite well done, and are studies in the simple lives of the familys, I found them facinating and entertaining, reminecient of the Old Disney movies, great for the entire family!