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1st Lou Dobbs; Is Glenn Beck next?

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  • 1st Lou Dobbs; Is Glenn Beck next?

    Dobbs received a message to 'lay off the illeagles' delivered via gun fire at his home a few days back. I do not think that this is a isolated event by a deranged gunnman. I believe that this is the start of a concerted effort to quash independant reporting of the destruction of America. Once a few key conservatives have been removed from the public eye and replaced with the likes of Joy Behar the true reign of terror can begin, jails will be opened, ACORN will be issued uniforms/guns and gangs will run riot, in selected neighborhoods. The public will be so cowed as to allow Uncle BO to call in the Chinese and UN. This will all be in an effort to draw-out the Counter-Revoultionarys so that they can be destroyed en-mass. With America gone there will be no power left to stop world domination by China. Having played thier parts, Obamma's Neo-Marxists will either disappear or be tried as counter-revoulationarys them-selves in a tired repeat of Stalinist and Maoist show trials. America will be another Tibet inundated by ethnic Chinese shipped in by the millions. Americans birth rate will drop and infant mortality will soar, within 60 years even the memory of America will have disappeared.
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    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.

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    Yep, was reading and listening to UberRichGod George Soros and he was stating himself that China needed and will be the new world leader in the 'New World Order'. What a mess.


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      I saw that about Dobbs and thought the same thing. I'd say you are right about trying to silence conservative talk show hosts/new folk.
      I'm thinking though that with Dobbs, he'll just fight harder.


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        Beck has armed guards and wears body armor at public events, I believe.

        He knows he's at risk.
        "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012