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    Kan. Lawmaker Reposts 'Anti-Obama Rap'
    Otto Says Daughters Removed Video Because He Was Labeled 'Racist'
    POSTED: 9:47 am CDT October 16, 2009
    UPDATED: 1:14 pm CDT October 16, 2009

    TOPEKA, Kan. -- A Kansas legislator has reposted his "RedNeck Rap" video criticizing President Barack Obama back on YouTube.

    The video drew criticism because it showed state Rep. Bill Otto, a Republican, wearing a hat describing opossum as "the other dark meat." A fellow legislator called the video "disturbing" and evidence of bigotry, which Otto disputes.

    Otto video included a new beginning to the video, explaining that the hat is a reference to his own "Ozark-American" heritage, not Obama.

    See The Video

    He posted the video last month, but it was taken down Thursday evening. Otto said his two adult daughters removed it because they didn't like him being labeled a racist.
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    I'm irate. Why should someone have to apologize for something posted on YouTube? Why do we no longer have the right to freedom of expression? Who killed God and took his place? Never before in my lifetime have things been taken so far out of context and proportion as to be a "racist" statement.

    A true racist is not one who makes sly remarks, but one who looks into something being said and retracts a racial slur from it.
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