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Hardin, Montana under siege!

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  • Hardin, Montana under siege!

    Reports: Mysterious, unregistered security firm policing Montana town

    A mysterious, reportedly unregistered and almost entirely unknown private security firm by the name "American Police Force" is causing a stir in a small Montana town for apparently impersonating local police.

    According to a local media report, APF representatives were recently seen in the tiny town of Hardin, Montana, driving black SUV's with a peculiar logo and, inexplicably, "City of Hardin Police Department" stamped on the door.

    However, Hardin does not have a police force.

    The town instead contracts with the Big Horn County Sheriff's Department for patrols, according to KULR 8 in Billings, Montana.

    According to the news agency, APF was never given permission to assume policing duties. Instead, the firm -- which the Associated Press reported to be unregistered in government databases -- gained its contract with the town on the promise of bringing inmates to an unpopulated prison complex.

    An image on KULR's Web site shows the insignia on the APF vehicles, which has caused some concern on the Internet as being of conspiratorial origin.

    APF's coat of arms, a clearer version of which appeared on the group's Web site (which had been taken down at time of this writing but is viewable here), shows a double-headed eagle with a red shield and white cross borne on its breast.

    The coat appears very similar to the insignia attributed to one Prince Aleksandar Karageorgevich, based on RAW STORY's analysis of images hosted by Burke's Peerage & Gentry International Register of Arms. The site notes the coat as hailing from the Royal crown of Serbia.

    However, the significance or implied nationality of the insignia's crown could not immediately be identified.

    The double-headed eagle itself has been used repeatedly throughout history by many cultures as a symbol of empire, dominance and power.

    Hardin, home to about 3,400 people, is in the state’s poorest county. Its unoccupied, 460-bed prison cost $27 million to construct. The town made national headlines earlier this year when local officials pleaded to have Guantanamo Bay inmates sent to the jail.

    Montana Democratic Senator Max Baucus and other Republican lawmakers have stood in the way of moving Guantanamo inmates stateside, claiming they would present an increased security risk. The political calculation has led the White House to caution that its promise to close the controversial facility in January may not materialize on schedule.

    An Associated Press report on American Police Force, published Sept. 12, 2009, follows.

    -- Stephen C. Webster

    I cannot believe that this is anything less than the beginning stages of martial law and the unlawful imprisonment of good us citizens...thoughts?

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    It sounds like mercs to me and possibly, or more like probably, a trial run for martial law. It makes my blood boil that certain people and groups of people think they have the right to rule over others.:mad:


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      Call the Mayor

      Has anyone taken the time to call Hardin's Mayor? The Ph# is one Hardin's web site.
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      The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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        This is all over the web and ALL the news. It sounds to me that this is going to be where the Guitmo detainees are going to go.
        People all over have called everyone from the governor down to local reporters and I'm sure even the guy who runs the mini mart. Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, and about a zillion other people are tryingto get to the truth of it.
        I just want to know if those guys have sworn (like all lawmen) to uphold and defend the Constitution or better yet, if any of those guys even KNOW the constitution.


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          Crazy cop-wannabes running around in Montana? I wonder who's going to help them if they get out of line and the locals decide enough is enough?


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            The dust has setteled

            It took 2 weeks but the story is now known: APF is the spawn of a convicted felon now using the name M. Hilton (12 counts of fraud) with 17 known alises and 2 bankruptcies in California. This was all a scam and the Hardin Elders fell for it hook line and sinker; one Twin Rivers exc. has been suspended. The state AG, a state Rep, the local sherrif and the FBI are all looking for this guy who has disappeared. His business addresses are basicly phoney, his web site is very cheap and was probably created in Moldavia as there are spelling errors and the photos look like they came from Serbia.
            Except for the comming felony criminal charges this story is over.
            He is very lucky he got out of MT in one peice.
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            The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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              thx kenno good job
              the pack that plays together stays together


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                M Hilton's real name is (stand by for spelling errors!) Daviditch Malotiviaditch, he has 1.3 milion dollars in judgments against him in Kali court cases from past frauds.
                If he had just left those stupid stickers off those BMW SUVs he might have made a sucessful con against Hardin but apparently he has a Napolean complex. Now I wonder where those Beemers went to?
                Anyway all the major news agencies have copied KULR 8's coverage, it only took 2 weeks.
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                The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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                  Reminds me of a "security company" around here that was by this guy who claimed he was ex-Special Forces, etc. et. al., but the sum of his military experience was a few years as an 88M in the reserves. The company picked up some high-end contracts and then a disgruntled former employee contacted the state AG office with some interesting stories about the owner.

                  No charges were ever filed by the AG, but the company went under after the owner's wife found out about the prostitutes her husband used to bring into the company's office. She got everything from the divorce, but the state wouldn't renew the company's security license...

                  At any rate, one could only hope the "New World Order" uses Mickey Mouse Rambo Rangers such as these to guard the concentration camps. Would make our work that much easier...