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    Murphy you are "SICK". Your so "sick" you don't even know when you have lost your own sick game. If you have any "Class" just go away.......and never post here, ever again.
    One day you eat the day the left-over five days you eat chicken feathers, head and feet.


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      Originally posted by Murphy View Post

      Umm.. I'm not the one doing this:
      Survival Magazine is NOT a place to discuss kooky wacko tin foil hat concepts, conspiracies, politics, religion, they are coming to get us or are watching us stuff. Reciting fake news or beliefs from wacko blogs will not be tolerated. There are a ton of other forums and sites out there for that. ==>

      I haven't created a single thread with any of those banned subjects.. Its not me posting wacko tin foil hat concepts, conspiracies, politics or religion..

      The only thing I'm guilty of is responding to them to break up the bandwagon effect.

      The threads I post are always on topic and acceptable.. Food, latest preps, communications, etc. You won't find me posting wacko garbage like some others.

      As I said earlier, if you don't agree with me, post your reasons.. heck, you might even change my mind.. But instead, when someone doesn't agree with me, the standard response is to initiate personal attacks and start throwing around insults and labels.

      Hey, if insulting people who don't agree is the only response someone is capable of, well then.. I guess it is what it is.. Not everyone can hold their own in a conversation.

      And no one pushed me out of any forum.. Who would say something so silly? How would someone even accomplish something like that?

      If I stop posting in a forum its because I got bored with the people.. The "other" forum only had one person who I found any interest in and that was a guy named FarmerBrown or something.. He and I were on two totally opposite sides of the coin and vehemently disagreed on just about everything, but he was interesting and challenging to talk to.. most of the rest of the members were just boring.. the same old retarded responses to every discussion.

      Perhaps folks should follow the rules set forth in the big bold red colors at the top of every page?

      And I hold no hard feelings towards anyone... its all just silly banter and when the rubber meets the road, I will still offer my opinion or knowledge to help with any subject I can.

      Good to Know about you.

      On that pushing someone out thing. As far as I know, no one has ever been "pushed out", but there is this thing of being "banned". GunKid comes to mind as do a few others. It's just what's happened in the past.

      Personally, I started on here because of 3 people. Haven't heard from them in a while, happens.

      I enjoy reading and contributing. I have only a limited area of expertise and unfortunately it the darker side,

      I'll be reading your post and I'll respond when I think I should.


      PS - One man's revolution, is another mans terrorist.


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        Well if this tread did not make you stop and look around your world then you must be dead!!!! Every subject has its pros and cons. It is just some people have taken protesting to a new low, Think of it paying thousands of professional protesters to attend rally's for many different subjects from abortion, to 2nd amendment rights, to the appoint of a judge to the Supreme Court.

        The 21st century is going to get interesting!!!!!!


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          Originally posted by Sourdough View Post
          Murphy you are "SICK". Your so "sick" you don't even know when you have lost your own sick game. If you have any "Class" just go away.......and never post here, ever again.
          Forum members like you are why this forum gets so little traffic.. People join, see the behavior that's allowed, and leave.