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Steven King's Survival Movie?

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  • Steven King's Survival Movie?

    If your thinking of moving up to Maine you may want to check-out Steven King's "The Mist".
    I am not a fan of Steven King, the man is a great writer, sure, but he is also a former heavy drug addict that has alot of unresolved issues with authority figures and just about everyone else he has ever met. Lucky for him he has created a literary world where he can bash everyone, even his neighbors, and get paid big bucks to do it, but as they say,,"I digress".
    "The Mist" pays homage to all the forlorn Hollywood flicks that blame the US govt. for space monsters in our midst as well as heaping scorn on religion,guns, bibles and bitter rural types. The dialog misses one beat when instead of using the old saw "People are good but a mob is insane." it subsitutes a species condeming "Humanity is insane." Pure Lefty Steven King self -justification.
    Still "The Mist" is special as a survival movie in that it shows just what can quickly happen when isolation and fear run rampant.
    This movie is about how people react differently to the unknown. The plot is very realistic, if a bit melo-dramatic in this reguard. The director and actors do a superb job of making this a very real and valuable experience.
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    Kenno, Several people who know of my Survivalist inclinations have recommended Steven King's The Stand to me. It's supposed to have an apocalyptic theme to it, but it looks downright thick and turgid, too much for me to get into right now.
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      The mist, in my opinion, was a barely tolerable movie from a quality of story and visual appeal standpoint.... However, the break down of social order in panic scenarios was extremely accurate IMO.

      The minute those people realized things were happening that were out of their control, and they couldn't explain, they lost all shred of typical humanity.
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        pick up a copy of "Cell" sometime. Its Kings TEOTWAWKI zombie(sort of) book. I dont really like his newer stuff but cell was full of awesome.:cool:
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