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States line up to 'opt out' of government health care

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  • States line up to 'opt out' of government health care

    Citizen protest movements against taxes, deficit spending and wildly escalating federal social welfare programs under President Obama are gaining momentum, despite attempts by the administration and their supporters to ridicule such movements, Jerome Corsi's Red Alert reports.

    With a new round of tea party tax protests held during the Independence Day holiday, Arizona has added a new dimension to the revolt against Obama's policies by passing a law designed to opt the state out of any universal health care insurance plan the administration manages to get passed through Congress.

    Republican Nancy Barto, state representative in Arizona, has been responsible for advancing though the Arizona legislature a bill that would amend the state constitution so that no resident would be required to participate in any public health care program.

    "HCR2014 is proactive and will protect patients' fundamental rights," Barto told the Examiner. "We are a front-line battle state to stop momentum of this powerful government takeover of your health care decisions. Health care by lobbyists thwarts your rights and can be stopped here."

    Known as "Arizona's Heath Care Freedom Act," the initiative will be on the 2010 Arizona ballot.

    Indiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota and Wyoming are all considering similar legislation to opt out of "Obamacare," the current effort by the administration to pass a government-funded universal health care insurance bill.

    Meanwhile, tea party organizers are fighting back against Obama administration supporters who derisively used "tea bagging" in reference to certain homosexual practices.

    Organizers of the Texas Tea Party invited actress Janeane Garofolo to join them in Texas on July 4 and posted a video of their invitation on YouTube.

    Garofalo, an actress on Fox television's drama "24," called tea partiers "a bunch of tea-bagging rednecks," adding "this is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up."

    According to the Tenth Amendment Center, at least 70 percent of the states have launched provisions to exert state sovereignty based on the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, which stipulates that "powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited to it by the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

    "What we are trying to do is to get the U.S. Congress out of the state's businesses," said Oklahoma Republican State Sen. Randy Brogdon, lead sponsor of the Oklahoma version of the sovereignty bill.

    Read entire article:

    July 6, 2009Lisa Fay of Jupiter, Fla., displays a sign warning of higher health care costs under plans promoted by the Obama administration (WND photo / Joe Kovacs)Editor's Note: The following report more

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    Originally posted by doucmpuppiespn View Post
    "What we are trying to do is to get the U.S. Congress out of the state's businesses,"
    The SPIRIT of the South WILL rise again!
    "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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      Originally posted by Skyowl's Wife View Post
      The SPIRIT of the South WILL rise again!
      A Big AMEN!