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"One Second After"

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  • "One Second After"

    Autor W.R. Forstchen is a retired Army Col. with a PHD from Perdue U.who specializes in military history, especialy military technology, he has authored 40 books.
    In this novel, which takes place in his home town near Ashville NC, an unknown enemy has detonated a nuclear device high above the USA instantly plunging the country into a pre-industrial age that cannot support even one tenth of the country's population. The story, rooted in hard fact, follows the main characters and thier community which is completely cut-off from outside help, as they struggle to survive the 1st year following the attack.
    This story is extremely well researched, instead of radio active mutant zombies the all to real characters mostly sucumbe to the same quite killers that have plagued mankind for centuries and only the miracle of modern tecnology has held at bay in the western world. The progression of the effects of a complete collapse of that world is brought home in a clear and chilling degree of certitude along with more than a few lessons on how to lessen the impact of such an event on a local scale. The grim hard facts and grief that fills the pages of this 'novel' is enough to turn even the most blasse american into a hard core survivalist. If you are looking for rainbows and unicorns this book is not for you, but it is the definitive survivalist novel written by a man of vision and compassion for his fellow americans.
    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.

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    Just got my copy in the mail yesterday and have read the first three chapters. Looks like it is going to be a good one. Trying to stretch it out for a few days. i keep running out of reading material.


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      It is a very good book. When you are done reading it, check out our other discussions on here about both the book and EMP.
      Here are a few links on the subject that might interest you from an article I wrote for new preppers/survivalists:
      One of our greatest threats as far as terrorism goes, is the EMP (electromagnetic pulse). This is a by product of nuclear missiles. The nuke doesn’t even detonate on the ground, it can be detonated high in the air over the middle of the country. A small one could shut down a more local area…the higher the altitude, the greater the devestation.

      How could this invisible, non lethal “bomb” is hurt us? It simply shuts down any electronic item in its path. That would mean cars, gas pumps, airplanes in the sky, phones and our electric grid. The damage to all of these items is permanent. Older cars without fancy electronics would still work. ATM machines, would not.

      Here is some info about how dangerous this is, some video clips of an EMP test, and some other links.

      For good reading about the affects on society, I recommend the following (fictional accounts of the aftermath of an EMP) books:
      One Second After by William Forstchen
      ([ame][/ame] interview& more info VERY GOOD)
      Lights Out! By HalfFast (an online FREE book)
      ( (article) (article)
      [ame][/ame] (video explanation and demo)
      [ame][/ame] (part 2 of video)

      This type of event would create a national Katrina, for years. Please, consider reading all of the above. Mr. Obama has cut our missile defense budget that would help protect us from this, but he’s also a fan of eugenics. Eugenics is the idea that the world has too many people in it and needs to be cut back, probably by half in order for the rest to survive.
      What kind of terrorist would do this? Well, terrorists that think all “infidels” must die. Terrorists or countries that don’t want to ruin the land with a nuke, but are in no rush to fight hand to hand. An EMP is an easy thing to say “he did it” and not get caught (by a country about a terrorist group)
      What can you do to save yourself and your family?
      * Build a library of “how-to” books. These will be invaluable if there is no electricity. Consider the “FoxFire” series.
      * Have a large and complete medical chest. Most medicine supplies don’t have an absolute shelf life. Even if they do, you can rotate through your supplies. Think of it as insurance in health care, after the government isn’t there to offer any.
      * Build a stockpile of food. There is a reason that the Mormon’s suggest that everyone have at least a years worth of food saved. If you can’t find yourself doing a year, even 3 months could prevent your family from starving to death.


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        I just got the book today plan on starting it tonight. I'll have to start early cuz I always want to read late. LOL gotta get up early for the 4th of July TEA party! I'm handing out flyers and petitions. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!! Can't wait!
        Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
        {{unswydd-Of One Purpose}}