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Pelosi possibly under investigation-CIA

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  • Pelosi possibly under investigation-CIA

    UPDATED: Pelosi Investigation Demanded on House Floor
    by Jed Babbin


    As the House considers the long-delayed war supplemental special appropriations bill, Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) is offering an independent resolution that would require the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to create a four-person special “select subcommittee” to investigate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s slanders of the CIA.

    Republicans are not being permitted to offer any amendments on the supplemental bill.

    The Bishop resolution recites a litany of Pelosi’s denials that she had been briefed by the CIA on the “enhanced interrogation techniques” as the CIA memo first published by HUMAN EVENTS on May 7 stated she had been.

    This is a partial article.
    Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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