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FDA Warns Against Using Certain Hand Sanitizers

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  • Skyowl's Wife
    Thx, Puppies. I'd seen this but never heard of any of the affected products, so discarded it. You shared, is a good thing (I learned :( a lesson).

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  • Lostinoz
    Thanks for the heads up!

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  • FDA Warns Against Using Certain Hand Sanitizers

    Washington, DC (AHN) - The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to use hand sanitizers made by a Utah chemical company.

    Clarcon Biological Chemistry Laboratory Inc. of Roy, Utah has voluntarily recalled some of its skin sanitizers and skin protectants marketed under different brand names because of high levels of disease-causing bacteria found in the product during a recent inspection by the FDA.

    The FDA is warning people not to use any Clarcon products.

    The bacteria found during the inspections can cause infections of the skin and underlying tissues, the FDA said in a press release. These infections could cause a person to require "medical and surgical attention," the FDA said.

    " Findings from the FDA's recent inspection of the Clarcon facility are particularly concerning because the products are promoted as antimicrobial agents that claim to treat open wounds, damaged skin, and protect against various infectious diseases. The inspection uncovered serious deviations from FDA's current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements," the FDA said on its Web site.

    The products the FDA wants consumers not to buy and to throw away if they have them are: Citrushield Lotion; Dermasentials DermaBarrier; Dermassentials by Clarcon Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizer; Iron Fist Barrier Hand Treatment; Skin Shield Restaurant; Shik Shield Industrial; Skin Shield Beauty Salon Lotion; Total Skin Care Beauty; and Total Skin Care Work.