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  • Census options

    Last night, after reading some of the planned census and "community survey", my husband and I made a decision. While some of the questions on the forms is understandable, some is an invation of privacy, and more is already public record. I will not put any more info in the hands of Acorn than they can already get.
    The law says that we MUST answer the census. I will give them the information that pertains to redistricting. All other questions will remain unanswered. The fine for not answering is $100. The fine for lying on the census is $500. A $100 fine is not too much to make a statement, nor is it too much to keep Acorn from getting my info.
    I do not want an Acorn employee in my home. IF after filling out the form and sending it in, they still show up on my doorstep, that is where they will stay. I don't want them on my land, but they are persistant people, so sooner or later, one might get past the gate and the signs. They can shout through a closed door at me if they want. 8)

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    Where did you read about this. Can you supply a link? Or is this something you got in the mail?
    Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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      The US Census site has a lot of information on it. Apparently, one myth going around is that the government is going to use "sampling" in order to get the census done....kind of like going into a developement and asking 10 people the questions and deciding that whole community will answer that way, but it was voted down.


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        Unbelieveable!!!!! I was just on WorldNetDaily and it said $500. if you don't answer them and if you give false information it's F$f5,000.00. I just cannot imagine this really happening. So much of what this administration is doing and has done tho I believe it. I just keep shaking my head. This is Tolitarianism at it's finest/worse!!!!!
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        Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
        {{unswydd-Of One Purpose}}


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          :pI'm feeling really down right viscious about this whole census thing! Radical for me, I'm usually passive agressive, but honestly, where do they get off asking things like how many cars I have, what their worth is, where do I keep them and how many miles do I drive them a week...what is my health much my morgage is...the address of where I work and my income? If I have a sink and running water and how much my heat costs per year? Whether I have any mentally ill people in the house.
          While in some cases, I can understand the reasoning as far as this Community survey goes...they want the info for roads and schools and stuff, but it's too much! Much of the info is available at my town clerk's office. It's the government asking these questions, they can find it out on their own with the push of a button. I don't have to tell some Acron person anything like that...maybe they are quietly casing the house, who knows. I don't answer those kinds of questions to strangers. I wouldn't pay 5 grand to avoid the questions, but $100 I would...instead, I would suddenly become very forgetful.:p
          This IS just too much for me. I feel like I am being interogated for nefarious reasons with some of these questions.


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            Two people of voting age. Period.
            "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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              Hubby said to say basically the same thing and ask who I make the check out to. lol Seriously, if a lot of people don't answer, what are they going to do? (My guess is the workers will fill out something rather than go back empty handed.) Passive resistance is the answer! lol