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Teen Homeschooler Jailed Under USA PATRIOT ACT

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  • Teen Homeschooler Jailed Under USA PATRIOT ACT

    Fellow Survivalists,

    Here is something that ought to anger every freedom-loving American and prompt us to prepare for "interesting times:"

    Teen Homeschooler Jailed Under USA PATRIOT ACT!
    Ashton Lundeby A 16-year-old homeschooled boy from North Carolina was taken away from his home in handcuffs two months ago and has been held by the FBI in Indiana ever since, a victim, his mother claims, of the Patriot Act spun out of control. According to Annette Lundeby of Oxford, N.C., armed FBI agents and…
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    I saw this too. I wanted to post it but figured I'd already posted 2 news items I better not. Thanks
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    Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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      So let me get this straight.

      1. We are turning Gitmo honest-to-God-evil-incarnate loose, in some cases with housing and welfare benefits.
      2. We are paying (US, the taxpayers!) for we-know-damned-well-they've-been-killing-our-men-Hamas to come here, again, with housing and welfare.
      3. A kid they can't prove did anything wrong is in jail for a "bomb threat" over the internet.

      Write to your congressmen and senators, this is a travesty.
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