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Russian submarines to test-fire missiles in Pacific

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    Look People.....on the serious side....

    I don;t spend a lot of time worrying about what the Russians are doing.....I am just not interested.

    You see I know something the average American does not with our television and or movie educations.

    The Russians are not a super power.....I don't care what the media and or public education tries to imply.

    If the Russians are a super power....why do they not have goods and services scattered all across this land...for sale??

    Have any of you ever seen a Russian Laptop??? A Russian Cell Phone....a Russian Crescent wrench??? How about a Russian games???

    I have seen one Russian Automobile in my lifetime a Zil and it belonged to the Russian Embassy in Reykjavik Iceland.

    If the Russians made anything worth a darned and at the right price it would be for sale at Wal Mart...Macy's....Lowes. Home Depot et al.

    Someone in this very corrupt and fallen system has been using and misusing the Russians to keep us scared and affrighted for a long long time and the solution is always more government.

    They are trying the same thing with North Korea.....scare tactics.

    You catch on to them after awhile and when you teach yourself to think outside the box as Murphy sometimes states.

    I don't get all excited over what the Russians are doing with their military....for it takes almost everything they have to do it...there are no extras or surpluses to keep the export market awash in Russian Goods.

    Ak 47s are not going to cut it.

    Be Warned ...the liars and phonies are here in this country keeping us afraid of a non super power....

    Oh...and speaking of super powers.....if there is other super powers out there...we created them....

    This world is not the thing it presents itself as being....we need to learn to look under the rug.....

    You members do not have to buy what I am saying...but many many years of shipbuilding have helped me to think outside the box.

    Also I live very close to NASA Langley Research Center....lots of moon rocks around this town.

    Be Warned the Ishmaelites preying on your fears and insecurities....many of them are today in leadership positions.....and have a television and or movie education....via public schooling....

    My non Ishmaelite .02,