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US 'Dangerously Vulnerable' to WMD

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    Thing is it doesn't even need to be a sensitive govt cargo. If people half knew what rolls down the highways and streets of America everyday, day and night they wouldn't be able to sleep. If a group really wanted to cause terror all they have to do is hijack a few trucks and then park them in a few key spots. Then open a tank valve and dump something into a water source or just let the chemical vaporize in a populated area. Park it somewhere and start a fire or mix the load with a few other items and create a truck bomb that would make the Timothy McVeigh bombing look tiny in comparison

    Heck, we don't even need to worry about them being from American sleeper cells. Every day we leave loads of Canadian and Mexican immigrant drivers across our borders. So if ISIS or other groups wants to get here to do terrible things, they're here already or can stroll across tomorrow with little issue.
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      The trucks, or whatever form of transportation they use, wouldn't even have to be hijacked. With all the drug and oil money funding these cells they can buy whatever they need legitimately, and wreak havoc. We have been very lucky that more severe attacks haven't happened. A large part of that luck is the Law Enforcement and Intelligence communities stopping attacks before they happen. I don't think we have any idea of all the attempts that are thwarted.

      Borders need to be secured, and conspirators should be jailed or deported. Break the law? Suffer the consequences.
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