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Poll: Fewer Americans support stricter gun control laws

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  • Poll: Fewer Americans support stricter gun control laws

    Do you think it'll make any difference?

    From Oakland, California, to Binghamton, New York, several mass shootings in recent weeks have killed dozens across the country. But has there been an effect on public opinion?
    The 12ga.... It's not just for rabbits anymore.

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    Originally posted by slowz1k View Post
    Do you think it'll make any difference?
    Unfortunately, no. I believe the majority of people were against the bailouts and let their congress people know this, and yet we were ignored. I don't see this as much different.

    These people only understand goon-style politics, forcing their wants on the rights of the people. :(


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      Nancy Pelosi is way out of control, so no I don't think it will make any difference. We are the people, but we don't matter.


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        Re the issues of Gun Control

        Hello people,..... I think deep down inside of our hearts and minds, if we but really stop and think about it, we KNOW why it is that they; (those in government who think they have control) really want to disarm all gun owners in America. It is that dirty little secret we keep to ourselves that we really do not want to spend too much time thinking about, because for some of us as one famous line goes "You Just can't handle the truth", might be applicable. Perhaps for some it is easier mentally and emotionally just to deny this is really happening and not to speak about it. But at some point we ARE going to have to openly talk about it, we are going to have to realize it for what it is and decide just how we are going to deal with it. The issue of gun control is not going to ever go away; rather it is only going to get worse with time. Either we choose to deal with it now while we still can, or it is going to choose to deal with us when we cannot! If we do not rally together, and I do mean together...and, speak as one voice, one nation, as God fearing folks, law abiding concerned citizens, to oppose those who seek to take away from us, that what the constitution says we are legally allowed to possess, then we will quite likely suffer consequences that go beyond anything you could ever in your wildest dreams imagine for! We will have only ourselves to blame if we but fail to act in the face evil, as it threatens our very way of life as we have known it to be in these past two hundred and thirty some years, in what we once used to call These United States of America. G
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