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We Are a Silent Majority No More

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  • We Are a Silent Majority No More

    We are a silent majority no more
    Written by Carolyn Hileman
    Thursday, 09 April 2009 07:43
    Carolyn Hileman

    Tea party participants’ beware, word has it Acorn may be among us trying to cause fights and make us look bad. The good news is they obviously can’t ignore us any more with almost 2000 cities signed up for April 15th it will be hard for the media not to see us so they apparently are going to attempt to make us look like a mob, don’t let them do it. They are aware they cannot stop us, simply because our actions are protected by the first amendment so we my friends pose a real problem for them. It is kind of hard to keep up the everybody loves Obama façade if this many people are in the streets protesting him. You see this leaking out is just another form of intimidation, it is supposed to scare us into staying home, its supposed to let us know we should not be doing this, we are to bow to king Obama and his minions, well I don’t know about you but I bow to no earthly being.

    Here are a few tips; if someone starts fighting move away from them quickly and call the police make sure you let them know in no uncertain terms you do not know these people and that they are not a part of your group. If they start cursing, making derogatory statements move away from them, cross the road if you must but do not associate with them. Be nice to the police, do not harass them, they have a job to do and they are doing it even though I am sure many would love to be holding a sign right beside you. We can and we must do this peacefully in order to bring good attention to our cause. If we do not have an orderly protest they can say see there all it was, was a bunch loud rednecks who are nothing but racists, don’t be surprised if they say that anyway. When talking to the media speak in short sentences and only say things that cannot be twisted and used against you, In other words don’t say anything you are not willing to hear repeated constantly on the news.

    You are about to enter into a land that you have never been before and there may be land mines so be careful where you tread. Remember the media has a job to do it is to make the president look good, so it does not matter how friendly they seem, be very careful what you say to them. You are America’s future, you are standing on the front lines, you may not have a gun, you may not wear a uniform but let there be no doubt what so ever you are in a war. Not only will you be fighting for an end to the outrageous spending and the spiral that the president has gotten us into but you are fighting for your right to stand there on that piece of ground and address your grievances, you are standing there for the right of every free American to take your place some day and time. You are a leader, a keeper of the constitution and the bill of rights, you are the presidents worst nightmare, you are living breathing proof that people do not think what he is doing is right.

    No matter who you are or where you will be standing you will have all of us standing there with you, while you are yelling we will be yelling, you will never be alone. Our children’s future is in our hands, it is a big responsibility I know, but you are up to the challenge. Once you have seen this through you will not be so apt to just be quiet about things that matter to you anymore, you will not be able to be silent; you will have to have your voice heard. You will be standing in a long line of tradition, one that stood their ground, and faced the giants and prevailed and you should be proud. Hold your head high and state your case, never allow them to make you shut up again, we are a silent majority no more.

    Carolyn Hileman is the owner/operator of The Voice Website