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  • In there own words

    In my lumpy chair

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    Ya Oooops

    Open mouth - Insert foot here. Hey Oly, is that short for Olympia by chance? mountains look like the terrain here in Washington State.


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      I saw that...did you see her coleagues snickering in the background?:p


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        But how long with the 'Snicker"... or just bug out to the Coasta Rica..
        "they all ran, the ship was ablaze and the rats were the first in the life boat"
        "And with a collection of minds and talent, they survived"


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          Just remember: This bee-otch, along with Obama and the Democrat Party are now taking this nation on a rocket-sled ride to tyranny and destruction because so-called "Conservatives" and Republican Party Reptiles were feckless and impotent in doing anything to stop them.

          If I were that oil executive, I wouldn't have dignified the Congress with my presence and I would have made them come for me if they subpoenaed me to speak. Then, if forced to speak, I'd say, "Yeah, I profit from oil and I'm damn proud of it too. And the rest of the nation could profit too if you'd get the Hell out my way and let me do my business!"
          "Apocalypse is by no means inevitable." --Jim Rice.