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  • Gordon members decide for yourselves...

    This link was sent to me and I have not found it on U Tube as of yet.

    Mayhap it is yet a bit early and has not made the U Tube rounds.

    Also, I am not that familiar with Gordon Chang but will be learning ...

    Nonetheless..I thought I would link it and the members make up their own Minds and for their own reasons as to how much credibility to give it.

    Here this link...,

    Gordon Chang Talks with Brannon Howse on Coming War with China on U.S. Soil and Grid Down | Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech

    You members decide for yourselves..but this is a version I have not heard on most of the MSM.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,


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    Afew small detonations can easily cause much issue downstream. How long will it be before East Palestine, is trully safe again? What would be the cost of doing so? Now imagine that happening near a western water source, as they're all used by mega cities along the way. Now look at the bridges, the Ukraine used missle/ boat drones. Here just have an accident and close one way on the Golden Gate to name one, watch as thousands lose their minds. A few truck bombs can easily close down thoroughfares . Yes it can be done.


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      I don't know much about Gordon Chang; however, I ran across this:

      FWIW, enjoy.