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eating Ice Cream and a non representative Ishmaelite government....

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  • eating Ice Cream and a non representative Ishmaelite government....

    I found this video very interesting and telling about what we have in office and am often want to exclaim that we have a non-representative government.

    To me the oath of office is to the Constitution of the United States...and not to the world.....

    Did any of you catch that????? If not you might want to seriously rethink....

    End Wokeness on Twitter: "Biden while eating ice cream: “The economy is strong as hell”" / Twitter

    By the any of you know the name of the god of this world??? You might want to rethink that one too!!! That might explain and or clarify why we have so much confusion and or chaos coming out of Washington DC....and or what and whom they are really representing .

    Are these people so far gone in their devout and zealous world religion they think no one sees or notices????
    That they are Fallen......non representative...

    Ishmaelites run wild......taking care of the world...not their oath of office..not taking care of America.

    Be Warned of these Ishmaelites....

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    As a pagan my god is different from your god, please realize that. Having said that I'll ponder the rest.


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      Although the Left constantly assaults our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights. Here, we all have the Right to worship who we choose where we choose and how we choose.

      After a lengthy struggle, the VA now has the Wiccan pentacle on issued grave markers..

      If I wished I can attend any church, synagogue or whatever. I support and respect anyone's Right to choose any religion of their choice. My only expectation is they do the same for others.


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        Originally posted by Armyjimbo View Post
        As a pagan my god is different from your god, please realize that. Having said that I'll ponder the rest.

        No problem AJ....and I understand not everyone is the same out here....

        Not intended to give any offence in my postings...

        I also understand that there is a natural offense in the Gospels...even unto Christians themselves.....

        I reflect the same sentiments as Tugaloo...

        Not an Ishmaelite.
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          "About Ishmael and Ishmaelites.."

          For those members who have not discerned of what I am speaking ...concerning Ishmael and Ishmaelites...

          This comes from Galatians Chapter 4 where the Apostle is speaking of Abraham and his way of two sons...

          Starting at verse 21.

          The child of Hagar/ Ishmael and is representative of Bondage..

          What I notice and am often claiming or making reference Ishmael....Ishmaelites trying by various means to substitute Ishmael for the line and beliefs of the Line of Isaac. In Isaac shall thy seed be called.

          This world will continually try a substitution scheme in so many ways to substitute Ishmael and that line...practice and history for the Line of Isaac....and his Seed...singular...One Seed..

          Be Warned these Ishmaelites......many in pubic office ...doing substitution schemes of the world ...for our Constitution.....and what our Constitution is supposed to represent. This to put us into and under Ishmael...bondage..
          They will even try substitution Schemes for the Word of God...

          The oath is to the Constitution and America and Americans ...not to the world....

          Be Warned of these Ishmaelites.....

          My non Ishmaelite .02,


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            I don't get into it to that level.

            I don't see them as Ishmaelites as I see them as attacking our inalienable Rights. Writing EOs that subvert those Rights. The FBI arresting people for praying in front of an abortion clinic. Just where were they when national monuments were defaced and destroyed? Neighborhoods were torched and stores were looted. Anyone can identify them. Whereas, Ishmaelites​is too nebulous as it allows folks to pick and choose. How many children did Ishmael have and what became of them?

            AFA as Ishmael:
            Ishmael was 137 when he died and had 12 sons. In descending order, they are Nebajoth, and Kedar, and Adbeel, and Mibsam, and Mishma, and Dumah, and Massa, Hadad and Tema, and Jetur, and Naphish and Kedmah. After their father’s death, the sons lived between Havilah and Shur. The Bible states that Ismael gave up the ghost and was buried with his people. This indicates that Ishmael died a believer in God.
            The spread of Ishmael's sons are mentioned on the Biblical Timeline Chart between 1500 and 1400 BC Ishmael is the product of Abraham (then named Abram) and Sarah's (then named Sarai) carnal plan to have children. Although God promised Abraham that he would not die childless, his wife felt that God had restrained her from…

            BTW, the sons of Ismael are not quite what you claim.


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              I quite agree with you here Tugaloo....

              I don't get into it to that level.

              I don't see them as Ishmaelites as I see them as attacking our inalienable Rights. Writing EOs that subvert those Rights. The FBI arresting people for praying in front of an abortion clinic. Just where were they when national monuments were defaced and destroyed? Neighborhoods were torched and stores were looted. Anyone can identify them.​

              I refer to Ishmaelites in the context of Galatians Chapter 4 wherein Paul refers to them as being of Hagar and in bondage with her of whom is Ishmael. Therefore Ishmael is synonymous with bondage to me.

              Whether openly as you describe...or by subtilty as is the case with many of our leadership...seeking to subvert our liberties and freedoms...contrary to their oath....they are all Ishmael to me....for they would keep us bound...and not themselves with the chains of the Constitution of the United States. Liberty and Freedom to Government and bondage/limited

              For they are working steadily to bind us ...we the people....and not bind themselves under the Chains of the Constitution.
              For they want Unlimited Government...not limited Government as outlined by the founders.

              One of the real coming dangers to the American People, to me, is when they go one means or another to digital currrency.....

              That is my reason and logic..

              Not an Ishmaelite.


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                Your total focus is only Galatians and there are more books to the Bible.
                I dislike repeating the same thing over and over. Anyhow, Ishmael died a believer in God.

                Our leaders are openly subverting our Rights while ignoring the criminal activities of BLM and Antifa. The FBI arrests women for daring to pray in front of an abortion clinic while ignoring acts of violence, arson and destruction.
                In the early years of the education of our children; studies are concentrated on CRT, Woke and gender. Ignoring reading is deliberate as first we learned to read and next we read to learn. Our leftist leader don't want children to read to learn as it would screw their agenda up. As your focus is only Ishmaelites, you're missing the boat.

                BTW, I discovered due to the whirling (?) sound of a Brenneke slug passing over them; it convinces bears to beat feet and run.


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                  I did not know that about a Brenneke Slug...thanks for that. I have a few stored here.

                  CRT is Ishmael...bondage....racial bondage ...teaching government authorized and sanctioned racism to children...,.,in earlier and earlier years in school..

                  Agree about subverting our rights...

                  As I recall the Word.....In Isaac shall thy seed be called....not in Ishmael......

                  Whenever I see many government programs ....they are trying too often to bring in Ishmael and get rid of the line practice and belief of Isaac.and his Seed....singular.

                  This is going to become much more clear to many Americans down the road....

                  It is clear to many now..

                  And your point about a reversal in education and its goals is correct.....

                  It has become programming ..not learning...

                  Not an Ishmaelite.


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                    CRT is a bunch of bull manure. America is filled with many successful Blacks. CRT is a blame game. A fruitless reverse racism game. George Floyd died because he ate his product of meth and fentanyl.

                    The noise of a Brenneke slug scares the bears, LOL. I shoot coyotes and haul their remains away. Feral hogs, I shoot and call DNR, fill out a harvest paper and they take the carcass to the local food bank.

                    This is a very short form.
                    President Joe Biden is often cavalier with his words, but in the last 30 days, he has made a large number of gaffes, falsehoods, and goofy statements.

                    The above is merely the tip of an iceberg of lies.

                    None of the problem people screwing this nation or Canada have anything to do with Ishmael


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                      About CRT....

                      Back under the Trump Administration.....I know people who work out at Sandia Albuquerque New Mexico wherein they tried to bring this program into effect among their Engineers and cloistering them in such an CRT meeting at a rented room at a fancy hotel.

                      One of their engineers named Casey Peterson made this go public and it got the attention of President Trump and he shut it down..but this bunch in the White House need this to control the herd.....and bring in replace Isaac and his everything..

                      CRT is a form of bondage..... by a lie...a deceit..It is put people into bondage..
                      CRT is government authorized, sponsored and promoted racism....

                      Not an Ishmaelite.
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                        Speaking of Ishmael....and counterfeits....

                        We here in this country and for years now have had a phony fiat system...

                        It will be no different under a digital system....

                        To my limited historical knowledge the penalty for counterfeiting is death.

               try this one out for fit....

                        With all this Trans business....are they not counterfeiting people as well???? Human Beings????

                        Have we really and verily fallen that far.....?????

                        Is this the very very best that logical, reasonable, intellectual men can do ....make men in their image...and not God in His Image????

                        Is this what it means...under mans logic, reason, intellect for men to sit in the high places in the sides of the North????

                        To the glory of men and not of God???

                        Be Warned these Ishmaelites.

                        My non Ishmaelite .02,



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                          The way I see it is judge not lest ye (or you) be judged.

                          A retired OB-GYN died recently. She left a very sizeable amount to the local food bank, CASA (​) and a horse ministry; she was a volunteer at all of them. Was her private life my business? No, it wasn't same as anyone else's.


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                            Tugaloo....we are to make certain judgements ....or we would not know to put out from the Church..from .the Body of Christ.

                            We would also not know when to separate...come out from amongst them and be ye separate...

                            My non Ishmaelite .02,


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                              Give me a battle and a quick death, Valhalla awaits!