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How liberals refute the facts

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  • How liberals refute the facts

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    Don't ever try to convince a liberal with the truth.


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      live and let live...or Obama II
      Today, 07:06 AM

      I ran into a woman with whom I 've had conversation in time past and she is a staunch and predictable leftist...

      I bring this up for the members to make note of logic and reason...within a framework of pattern recognition......observing patterns and motives....logic and reason ...versus emotion.

      This will become important to our survival in the future ..I am certain of it.

      Now this woman began her textbook leftist rant....behind the motive and rationale of the Obama years which have returned with a vengeance under Obama II or Brandon.

      Now under Obama....he and his handlers chose to go the blame game route...route by singling out people who do not like them and cling ot their guns, and bibles, etc al.

      Under Brandon they immediately chose to go the White Supremacy route in continuing the blame game and thus illustrating their heavy co dependency on race and racism...and eventually Turing the quest for equality into equity.. Again, illustrating their heavy codependency on race and racism.. That it is they who are the racists...and by entitlement.

      Now, watch what this woman did and thinks now one notices or will hang their head in shame....note the pattern......textbook leftist blame game.

      So she starts in dogging preppers....

      That they hoard food....guns....han radio equipment....etc etc al...and on and on and a litany of lack of morals....manufacturing the appearance of a bad guy....textbook leftist technique..also these people do not trust government...

      I Iet her ramble on and on in predictability before asking her a question...

      My question was....." What moral lack or even law has been trespassed here...what is the law..the citation ar law which has been broken or trespassed?.

      Her reply stunned me.....

      She replied..." I don't even want to go there." and so stated twice!!!

      I was this woman has a masters degree...and this was the best she could do ....manufacture a bad guy. She had been doing it so long with no one asking her a reasonable question.

      I was astonished to realize it was that simple...that easy.....

      These people do not want to live and let live....but they want everyone else to make up the difference for take all the risks ...while they default through on manufactured guilt and shame...and think no one notices it happening

      It was only later that I realized she was regurgitating .a variation of Obama's blame game....updated under Brandon...but the same talking pattern....blame game..

      This is not leadership....

      They cannot or will not tell you the citation or law which has been broken or trespassed..but use/misuse their voice to manufacture chaos..and manufacture a bad guy....

      Think long and hard on this one....and remember...people with this very same thinking pattern....are getting us involved in another war....

      They are also giving away our country to people who are here illegally and expecting us to pay for all of this....for second, third, and fourth place in our own country.

      I just realized that once you ask these people for hard evidence at law to back up their positions...they have little to nothing.....but the results upon calling them out on it ..astonished me...that they did not want to go there...

      You members decide for yourselves...

      I need to check on my stash of potassium Iodide tablets and also my radiation particular need to get a couple of packs of AAA type batteries for it and also for my other counter kept in a locker at work.

      My non Ishmaelite .02,
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        This woman is textbook Ishmaelite....but she got caught....

        However, I think this religious dogma is so heavily entrenched into her very soul.... that she does not realize she got caught.......but is still entitled...

        One of the holy ones!!! default through ...unquestioned....Un challenged...

        Be warned this kind of Ishmaelite.

        My non Ishmaelite .02,​
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          Let me see if I get you clear. Without any justification the people who prepare for calamity are bad, because of no reason? If you run into that individual again and can stand hearing them, ask about devout members of the LDS? One of their pillars is to own at least 1 years food for their families, what's so wrong about them? That's all we're trying for correct?
          I guess she's overspending, and not thinking of anything beyond tonight.


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            Good point Army Jimbo...about the LDS......I shall remember that when next I come up on these debates...thanks for reminding me.

            What I learned coming up about the FEderal Government is that it was to be a "Limited Government" and thus insuring liberty and freedom for the people of this government. An unlimited government can and historically will ...more and more herd the people away from their freedoms and liberties.....and under more government control....which is exactly where our government is going....

            This is to me Ishmael...Ishmaelite bondage...

            Here this very interesting video by Jordan Peterson using what is happening in the Netherlands and their farmers and now others protesting where their nation is going and soon enough if not already going to happen here...

            "No One Understands How Big This Is Going To Be" | Jordan Peterson (2022) - YouTube

            My non Ishmaelite .02,


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              I understand it quite well, the stratified percent telling me/us that we should not or cannot do something because of meally mouthed politicians/people without the life knowledge that we have. Being a survivor of nearly 2 decades in the infantry has taught me what I need to live, what I need to survive comfortably, and what I need to thrive. The people saying no, obviously haven't had the teachings of need or the religion to be prepared.


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                IMO, being prepared is just part of being alive. Where we are fortunate is where we live is well stocked with game and fish.

                E.J. Synder has been on Naked and Afraid 6 times and Dual Survival. "I believe 90% of the populace will actually stay put and not going anywhere. Thus the term "Bug In" and those that do "Bug Out" are only moving to another place to "Bug In" anyways, so everything I'm going to present to you applies to all."
                The quote came from Backwoodsman magazine. To be blunt, I get his logic. Or how long will that BOB last? Hey, here we have a lot of carrion eaters; so, recycling in action.
                We are Bug in types. We live over 20 miles from a small town. We have clothes for 4 seasons and everything else we need to survive long term.

                I believe in God, it is my Right same as yours not to believe. My biggest fallout with church was for many years, the Commandment said Thou shalt not kill. Well, after 3 years in Vietnam as glorified Infantry and a gunner on a helicopter gunship, I have done a lot of killing. It was the job and it's just that simple. Today, the same Commandment says thou shall not murder. I've never murdered anyone.

                I could care less what anyone's personal beliefs are and expect the same respect.

                I was and am a sheepdog.


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                  I do not like it when I detect someone trying to herd me against my will...or over my objections.

                  My jaws start to torque up like a set of vice grip pliers...

                  And I am normally very slow to anger and that is a good thing...

                  But like many...when I anger...I do not like what I become....I do not like becoming two legged wildlife...

                  I reckon I just have little use for leftist logic and or reason...if you can call it logic and reason.

                  I have little use for Drama Queens.....or rabid emotions....of the left and their drama....that is just me.

                  I don't like drama queens around work or home...or even out on the street..I just prefer to be left alone with the fruits of my labors..

                  My non Ishmaelite .02,


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                    Same here, I'm not a herd animal. I figure everyone has their own way.
                    Recently, the FBI arrested a couple of women for praying outside an abortion center. They have the time to do that; yet, ignore the Antifa and BLM rioting, looting and burning buildings? What a bunch of bull crap.

                    Same as any combat Veteran, I've been weaponized. It's tool that is used very rarely, but when it's needed; it is needed.

                    You nailed it with a dislike of drama queens. We have a few good friends and I am friendly to strangers.


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                      Agree Tugaloo.....and it has been awhile since I have been back to this thread....

                      I too have few good friends by choice...I am not the social butterfly type...

                      I am generally friendly to strangers....civil....but have few friends by choice..

                      But Drama thanks.

                      Also.....I do Nuclear work.....Drama Queens will not cut it in this type of work.

                      To do certain kinds of work...reach certain has to keep one's emotions in check.
                      This is called Discipline...not Drama.

                      When one works in hazardous becomes very very choosey about whom or what has your back.

                      And I make no apologies for it...those who disagree can take a hike....hit the bricks....there is the door....Adios!!!

                      And I do not have to be nice about it.

                      Not an Ishmaelite.


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                        Agreed just because someone wants us to shut up and eat the bugs, doesn't /can't understand that there will always be people like us. They call us names and try to kettle us into their positions and veiws. But what they don't realize is that not everyone agrees with their views, the only difference is that they are forcing it onto us, and we are not forcing our views onto them.


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                          I'm pretty much friendly to everyone unless they give me a reason not to be and that is up to them.

                          Drama queens are at their best or is it worst when it is an emotional love life issue.

                          Lithium car battery fires are a well known fact causing recalls.
                          Chevrolet currently is remedying issues with its Bolt and Bolt EUV in regards to battery fires. But the automaker is not alone. Here's what you should know.

                          "Because the lithium has an ignition point of 500°C, the battery has to be cooled to a sub-ignition temperature. That's why it took the fire fighters in Texas 30,000 gallons of water and 4 hours to extinguish the blaze."
                          Our first aid cabinet service, fire extinguisher inspections, defibrillator (AED) and eyewash services help you keep your employees safe.

                          Scary isn't it.

                          I was in a conversation with 2 liberals, one is open minded and the other has a closed mind to anything but the rhetoric. When hearing about the lithium fires; he almost frantically said "we have to do something and I answered the key is do the right thing.
                          One the world's largest reserve of lithium is guess where?
                          Afghanistan and the Chicoms are mining it.. Say thanks to Joe...

                          Perhaps Brandon would enjoy meal worm ice cream? Same as chocolate chip except replace the chocolate chips with meal worms...