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SUVs melted the icecaps in the Middle Ages!!!

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  • SUVs melted the icecaps in the Middle Ages!!!

    During the MIddle Ages there was a period known to historians as the "Little Ice Age". During this period ice sheets spread so fast that they literally covered towns within a year or so. They expanded so fast that the local priests were called out to exorcise the demons that were controlling them.:eek:

    Those same ice sheets are retreating revealing these towns and silver mines that have been covered for centuries. The enviromentalists are shouting about the melting of those sheets by global warming.

    Now this is my point and it throws anyone that believes in Global Warming into a frothing fit so tell all your enviro nut friends about this:D
    If the world went into a period of cooling when the ice sheets spread and those same ice sheets are now retreating doesn't that mean that the temperature BEFORE they spread was warmer than AFTER they spread? And if that is the case why get upset at the rising temperatures when they are simply returning to what they were when the ice sheets started spreading in the first place.
    A Simple timeline and explanantion
    <---Pre Little Ice Age-----Little Ice Age------Today-->
    <---temp of 98 deg-----temp of 75 deg----temp of 98 deg--->

    See we are just returning to the temp Pre Little Ice Age when there were NO internal combustion engines but yet a high temperature.
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    Exactly so! "Change is what the climate does! we've been keeping records for what amounts to a couple of micro-seconds in the big scheme of things. And for what its worth the earths avg temp has been declining for the past 7 years, and so has the temp on mars, hmmm lets see, what do we have in common with mars? The Sun? Go figure.
    Global warming is the biggest hoax of the century, designed by politicians to make you feel bad so you wont mind paying more taxes!


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      This cant be correct, Al Gore said mankind is the cause! He knows. He got all kinds of awards and stuff. :D
      "Lighthouses are more helpful than churches" Franklin


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        Originally posted by voodoo View Post
        This cant be correct, Al Gore said mankind is the cause! He knows. He got all kinds of awards and stuff. :D
        Yeah, I got a jackalope hanging over my fireplace too!