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Carbon credit. Another government fiasco?

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  • Carbon credit. Another government fiasco?

    I am not sure how familar anyone here is with the pollution credits of the
    1970s but they are back under the guise of Carbon Credits. In the seventies the government decided to help curb pollution. So this is what they did:
    THey allowed pollution producing companies to buy pollution credits and it worked this way.

    If Company A produced 100 tons of pollution in a year they would receive an increase in their taxes for that year for going over the amount of pollution they were ALLOWED to produce which was 75 tons. This resulted in 25 tons that they would be taxed/fined on.

    Now Company A built a new factory that is clean and produces only 50 tons of pollution. The factory is allowed to produce 75 tons of pollution by the EPA. They have a 25 ton surplus of pollution. The EPA issues them 25 tons of pollution credits.

    Now comes the razzle dazzle. Company A sells the 25 tons of pollution it DIDN"T create and sells the 25 tons of Pollution Credits to Company B. Company B then turns in the credits it bought to the EPA and it gets out of paying taxes/fines. Does this power the amount of pollution? No.

    Of course this is how the Carbon Credit program will work. How does this reduce carbon emmissions? It doesn't. All it does is move to the carbon from someone who produces a small amount to someone who produces a large amount. This is the program that Gore uses to counter the carbon he produces when he flies in his jet except that he BUYS the carbon offset from a company that sells the offset.

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    We all know by now that corporations don't ultimately pay taxes, right?

    IF BO passes "cap and trade", it will "cap" how much carbon they can produce and they will have to buy "trades" if over that much from one of those low-producers. Or pay extra tax, of course.

    So if the company produces enough carbon that they either have to buy credits or the pay tax, THEIR profit won't be less, they WILL pass that on to ... YOU and ME.

    So, our gas will cost more, our heating oil/gas/propane will cost more, our electricity will cost more, as will ANY product that requires any of the above to be generated.

    Loaf of bread? Will cost more.
    Pad of paper? Will cost more.
    Heat your house? Will cost a LOT more.
    Have lights on at night? Will cost a LOT more.

    You get the idea. He's not taxing "evil big business" ladies and gents, he's taxing US. The 95% of whom he promised a tax break.
    "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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      EXACTLY Sky costs are ALWAYS PASSSED ON DOWN THE LINE!!! Of course Wife he isn't lowering carbon emissions either with cap and trade.