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World Wide Natural Diasters 2021

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  • World Wide Natural Diasters 2021

    This may be a bonus year for natural disasters including, volcanoes, flooding, wild fires, covid-19D, etc. All you need to see us how many reports on YouTube are being generated.

    It's amazing on how many countries are having 100, 500, 1000 year floods. How much damage is shown. They don't show the damage to the crops. How much food is gone? Time will! Tell!

    Covid-19D is looking like a new bug. I have seen reports that the vaccines are not effective against the (D) varity.
    So wear mask and wash your hands. This is far from over!!l!

    The hurricane season has started, get an idea by reviewing the sat photos each day NOAA Huriccane Center!

    so be warned, be prepared!

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    The good news is no hurricanes are forming in the Atlantic in next 48 hours.


    This is a good read: "The lab research found the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to be 88% effective against Delta and 93.7 percent effective against the original Covid-19."

    Although there isn't enough data yet; however, there are indications that Vitamin D deficiency adds to the risk of COVID:


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      There has been a lot of flooding in Europe, Russia, China, Philippines, etc. Odd weather in areas that don't get large hail, snow this time of year. Weather is just crazy.

      I moved from Ca. A number of years ago because of taxes and the state policies. Now those policies have come back and bite all those environmentalist on their back side! They would not allow controlled burns in wild lands because of the effects of smoke. May that state burn from mountains to the sea. Mother Nature has acted!
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        In June 2021, we had 8.5" of rain here. Creeks overflowed their banks and flooded country roads.

        A lot of people blame it on climate change caused by humans.. However 100 million years ago, Antarctica was a rain forest. The climate changed and humans weren't there to blame for the CO2 greenhouse effect. The link is astonishing and well worth reading.
        Towering forests grew at the South Pole during the age of the dinosaurs. Now scientists ponder whether the past could be the key to the future.

        In 1912, Robert Falcon Scott discovered fossil plants on Antarctica's Beardmore Glacier.

        The wild fires in California would have never happened if they had controlled burns. At Fort Bragg, the Army has controlled burns where they burn off pine straw. If they were as foolish as California, there would have been wild fires.


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          "The climate changed and humans weren't there to blame for the CO2 greenhouse effect. "

          Sadly, this time they are.
          Also, when Antarctica was temperate, and other ice-caps reduced to nubs, the sea-level was much, much higher.

          Okay, the 'WIS' seems to have been a varying ruckle formed by Farallon Plate's collision with the-then West Coast, but imagine all the Mississippi / Missouri flood-plain submerged as a bigger, better 'Gulf of California'. And all of Florida a 'Great Barrier Reef'...


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            As the climate has changed millions of years ago and will continue to change. We can't change the planet.

            In 2021, parts of the Thames River froze for the first time in 58 years.

            This is a more interesting read:

            What we can change is cleanup the huge garbage patches in our oceans. We can make a difference in so many areas; yet, we close our eyes to it.

            The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest accumulation of ocean plastic in the world and is located between Hawaii and California. Scientists of The Ocean Cleanup Foundation have conducted the most extensive analysis ever of this area.

            The giant accumulation of plastic called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch contains at least 79,000 tons discarded plastic, covering an area of about 617,800 square miles (1.6 million square kilometers), according to a study published Thursday in Scientific Reports.

            Square Kilometers to Square Miles (km² to mi²) conversion calculator for Area conversions with additional tables and formulas.

            Actually ABC news' math is a bit off with 607,800 sq. miles; it is 617763.5 sq. miles. Ah, our inept news media strikes again..


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              As for green house gases look at the sat photos of N. California. That smoke is blowing all the way to NYC.


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                For some reason, California chose not to do controlled burns. As Forrest Gump said "stupid is as stupid does.

                At Ft Bragg, they cut fire lines and do controlled burns.


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                  Turkey: NE has violent storms and unseasonal floods, SW has scorching heat and forest fires.
                  Russia parts One end is fighting horizon-wide fires, other end has horizon-wide unseasonal floods...

                  Haiti: you gotta feel for them. They cannot catch a break. They've not yet rebuilt after last disaster, now they get a bad quake followed within days by a 'bad tropical storm' plus nasty aftershocks. All they need now is a volcano or full-on hurricane, and they'll have a full set...


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                    Haiti is a real horror story. To make matters even worse, Haiti lacks the infrastructure to supply necessities.

                    Here in the US, the need is for leaders and not agendas.


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                      Has any one heard of a volcano eruption in New Mexico in the blast 48 hours?


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                        Here's a site that lists currently erupting volcanoes:

                        There are more than we might think..


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                          Great site I'll be watching it. So much action along the Rim of Fire!!!


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                            Lots of good stuff online..

                            Currently, I'm paying attention to the off the radar fiasco in Afghanistan.


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                              We now have 3 areas of concern says NOAA. One is near S. America and may hit the gulf area. The second is mid Atlantic around Bermuda. The third is just off the West coast of Africa. More to come within 5 days!