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virus looking bad in india?

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  • virus looking bad in india?

    given the crud people live in over there, they;ve probably got good immune systems. That crud is going to mutate and be bad, just watch

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    India is probably the most populated country in the world, everyone living cheek by jowl so its no wonder any disease spreads.


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      but when the virus strengthens itself and mutates by moving thru India, Africa, Asia, it's going to be strong enough to mess with us, big time. all of our meds are made in china and india.


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        some are made here in the UK, others in Europe.


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          VERY few. over 3/4 of the ones prescribe in the US were made in China, as of a year ago. Maybe we've woken up and switched that out by now, but i doubt it. Everyone has sold out to the chinese.


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            nope, like I said some are made here in the UK, others in Europe then there is the Russian Sputnik V.
            the Oxford/AZ one is made at 3 sites in the UK.


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              IIRC, looks like even one (1) dose of either of the UK/EU vaccines will keep you out of ICU if you do catch Covid.
              IIRC, not enough people in UK have had both recommended doses to be sure of prevention level but, so far, there's good evidence of reasonable immunity to the new, nastier variants, and if you do catch one, you'll almost certainly stay out of ICU...

              This does not apply to the Russian Sputniks, as there are several formulations under near-identical names, and the batch Brazil got was severely contaminated. The hitch-hiker virus may have been harmless, but its content was orders of magnitude above anything US would consider acceptable, and contradicted the batch documents supplied. This sorta compromises trust in their other products...